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Feature Improvements and Requests for Ning 3.0

We've been dutifully taking notes on some of your most pressing requests and suggestions. Here are a list of some of the most popular that have been mentioned, filed, or implemented.


Add Members module as a content type option on a custom page 

Add the ability for pages to be viewable by specific member category

Add back the ability for members to set individual profile page privacy settings

Get rid of groups being "Created by" somebody and allow Network Creators to change that group creators

Comment Walls on pages, groups, and profiles.

Add file attachments and full WYSIWYG toolbar back to the forum feature

Add a Groups tab to the members profile page

Photo feature should display photos at original size and resolution

Make links on profile pages "nofollow"

Filed Improvements:

Increase the size of the HTML box to full page width

Ability to delete a file that has been added to the File Manager

Enable Network Creators and members to re-size and position cover photos and profile photos

Add option to delete more than one photo at a time

Include the ability to edit and rotate profile photo during upload

Add option for Network Creators to reset member profile photos

Add Invite Only Option

Enable more social feeds for the Latest Activity feed

Reduce the number of clicks required to edit an HTML box and then preview the results

Visual notifications of comments on the home page (similar to Facebook-style notifications)

Option to display the videos in a different format/layout. For example, rather than 2 rows and 4 videos per column. Option to choose from a selected theme or choose a slideshow, slider, carousel, gallery, filmstrip, etc.

Option for Network Creators to create or generate a list of suggested text tags that appear in the tags text box if user enters a similar tag

Opacity option for the grey profile box (Currently resolved through CSS)

Ability to move content from one feature to another (i.e. discussion from a group to a forum)

Reply-to quotes in Comments

Pagination for Forums

A like or up-votes to compliment commenting

Edit window for comments

Allow members to be added to multiple categories

Tab for profile questions instead displaying next to profile image


Ability to host any combination of the commenting systems (e.g., native comments plus Facebook and/or Disqus.)

Sharing features on custom pages

Add back ability to share to Facebook

Add ability to follow all new discussions or posts to a particular feature or category

Add find and replace field to Language Editor

Advancing to the next photo available on click.

Adding customization options to member profiles. 

Add Pending Friend Requests tab to Profile Pages

Add permalinks to comments.

Filed New Features:

Add Social Channel feature to member profile pages

Import Disqus comments into the Latest Activity feed

Add customization options of HTML section to member profile pages

Display sent broadcast messages on the Message Broadcasts page

Ability to add/edit/remove content directly from the Home page missing

A "scroll to top" button or arrow at the bottom of every page

Ability to private message or add as friend anyone who replies to a topic you’ve started

The ability to invite friends to a personal discussion instead of having to share it

Add back the RSS feature as a module

Add conversion tracking for member invitations

Add Author Bio Box for Blog Posts

Add Slideshow for Photo Feature

Add customizations for 404 pages

Last updated: February 3, 2014

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Tom Whelan replied to Fabricio Giugni's discussion
Please limit the Photo upload per day
"Wow, if members are allowed to upload like 100 photos per day (whether they get any 'point's for that or no points at all), it could bump a network up into a higher priced ning tier payment plan, based on the amount of content stored on ning server.…"
16 hours ago
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Thiago Santos de Moraes replied to Thiago Santos de Moraes's discussion
All themes on the NING page
"Ok, but I´m just asking for all themes of Ning 3.0, not the 2.0 themes."
20 hours ago
Annabel Gregory replied to Annabel Gregory's discussion
Failure to create links or embed images
"I am using Firefox, and when I create a post and click on any of the icons to create a link, add an image or etc, nothing happens. I have the same problem on this forum, so you may well be right about my browser!  (though it also fails on another co…"
21 hours ago
Annabel Gregory replied to Annabel Gregory's discussion
Problem with search feature
"Many thanks.
21 hours ago
Kyryl_Ning_Support replied to Annabel Gregory's discussion
Problem with search feature
"Hi Annabel, 
I have tested your network and yes it seems that the latest forum post doesn't appear in the search.
I do apologize for any inconveniences caused, the issue was reported to the tech team, and once I hear something about the fix I'll let…"
22 hours ago
Kyryl_Ning_Support replied to Paul Corona's discussion
NING 2 and Chrome
Yes, Paul, that is a message from your browser, I guess somewhere on that page you have the text field with some text that hasn't been submitted/published, so the browser just letting you know that you have some forms/textareas etc. that you…"
22 hours ago
Kyryl_Ning_Support replied to Thiago Santos de Moraes's discussion
All themes on the NING page
"Hi Thiago,
The list of themes is you have mentioned would be updated with the new themes, however as I know the old ones (a mean really old ones) are no longer available for newly created networks that is why they are not in teh list. If you want to…"
22 hours ago
Kyryl_Ning_Support replied to Annabel Gregory's discussion
Failure to create links or embed images
"Hi there!
Could you please describe what is happening on your side, I mean what do you see, any changes any error messages?
As just a while ago, I have tested the editor in Chrome on your network and the links, pictures etc were added, as usual, so…"
22 hours ago
Kyryl_Ning_Support replied to Fabricio Giugni's discussion
Please limit the Photo upload per day
"Hi there!
As I remember this suggestion has been already made several times, I mean to make it possible to limit daily photo upload, however so far management hasn't made any decision regarding this, when I hear something I'll let you know what is t…"
23 hours ago
Kyryl_Ning_Support replied to Gerard Nealy's discussion
Facebook Sign Up
"Hi Gerard,
I have just created the app for the facebook sign in/sign up and it's working properly. Could you please check teh settings of the app you have created maybe you have forgotten to save the changes on some page if everything is according t…"
23 hours ago
Kyryl_Ning_Support replied to Naveen Jain's discussion
Members cannot login using Linkedin Single-signon
"Hi Naveen,
Well, I have asked my colleague to register with her Linked In the account just to see maybe it was only luck that I have registered successfully, and everything was fine for her as well.
Looking forward seeing the video.
Best wishes,
23 hours ago
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Naveen Jain replied to Naveen Jain's discussion
Members cannot login using Linkedin Single-signon
"Just asked my Community Manager to send the video of the issue. So far, the issue persists."
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George H. Compton IV replied to George H. Compton IV's discussion
(TIP N3.0 & N2.0) Nonmembers/visitors redirect scripts
"Hello Petra, the code would go in your "NC custom code box", If you're the network owner you would go to the "dashboard" then select your "Custom code box".. You have a great day. :)"
Dan Lee replied to Kyryl_Ning_Support's discussion
North Pole, Express delivery - Members Ranking System 3.0
"Right not the player."
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