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Introducing Ning 3.0


We’re thrilled to unveil one of the largest projects ever undertaken at Ning: the re-imagining of our product. We redesigned Ning to address the changing needs of social leaders like you who’ve built successful online communities on and off Ning. You need to both communicate with your fans and foster engagement within your community. You need flexible ways to interweave content you publish, community-generated content and your activities on other social platforms. And of course, you have high standards for design to protect your brand. Ning 3.0 addresses all of these needs in new and powerful ways:

  • Community + Publishing – Create multiple instances of features, each with distinct contributors, privacy and commenting. A completely redesigned Blog feature.
  • Design Customization – A simpler, yet more powerful Design Studio with 1400 background images, balanced color palettes and translucent options.
  • User Experience – A clean, contemporary look and simpler UI for all features.
  • Responsive Design – Content and navigation automatically adjust to smartphones and tablets.
  • Social Channel Integration – A new simple way to pull in YouTube and Vimeo channels

Don’t take our word for it – start a free trial and experience Ning 3.0 today!


See the latest release for Ning 3.0 in action below:

Ning 3.0 Upcoming Releases

Find out which features will be added to Ning 3.0 next and keep up with development status on the Upcoming Releases for Ning 3.0 page.

In addition to resolving reported bugs and adding new features already listed on the Roadmap, we will be working to implement many of the feature improvements discussed right here on Creators. See our list of the most pressing feature requests and product suggestions for a look at some of some of the most popular crowdsourced product ideas.

What Will The Upgrade Process Look Like? 

We are currently developing a smooth upgrade process for Ning 2.0 Networks. This toolset will be released in three phases and Phase One was released on March 12, 2014. Read more about what each process entails on our Upgrading to Ning 3.0 FAQs page.

Ning 3.0 Demonstration

Want an expert tour? Watch a recorded demo of Ning 3.0 here and a tutorial of the new Groups feature here.

Check out our calendar that includes upcoming New to Ning webinars here. (These webinars are for new customers or for those needing a refresher.) 

What's changed with Ning 3.0?

When will features be added?

I own a Ning 2.0 Network. How does this affect me? 

We introduced three new subscriptions plans for Ning 3.0: Ning Basic, Performance and Ultimate. We made this change to make it easier for new Network Creators to choose a plan and to align our pricing with your success.

Check out the new:

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