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Upcoming Releases for Ning 3.0

What we're working on!

Last Update: March 31, 2014

In Development

These are projects that we're building right now.

Activity Updates

Options for showing additional items in the feed and for leaving status updates.


A new way of organizing longer content pieces

Forum Notifications

Ability for members to opt into receiving notifications of new discussions in a forum.


The ability to create new members and content programatically. This is available now, but we're working on a few items required to release it to all networks, including sample client libraries and friendly documentation. If you're a developer and want to take the API for spin in the current rough-and-ready state, create a support ticket and let us know.

In Planning

These are projects that we're drawing up plans and specifications for.

Profile Page Options

Options for your members to select a background for their page, and the ability for NCs to add a user-editable textbox on profile pages.


In Waiting

These are projects we're collecting information about and that will move into planning as we finish the projects that are in development. These are not listed by priority or their potential order.

Video Embeds, Chat, Events, Search, Paid Access, Moderator Roles, and more.

Recently Completed

These are things we've recently delivered.

March 13: Welcome Message Editing

February 27: Design Studio Updates

February 20: RSS Modules

January 30: Comment Walls

January 23: Signed in/signed out content in page content

January 9: Sort Content by Latest Activity

December 19: Full editor in Forum posts. Now your members can attach files and make full use of the editor in Forums, just like they can in Blogs.

December 5: Friend Request Notifications

November 21: The Language Editor

November 7: A Few Requested Updates

October 30: Messaging

October 10: Threaded Comments

September 11: Groups