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Introducing Activity Feed Improvements, Including Member Status Updates

Today we're pleased to release a set of improvements to the Activity Feed feature on Ning 3.0 networks. The updated Activity Feed allows members to view older items in the feed, and to view new items that have appeared since they loaded the page. We've expanded the capabilities of Social Feeds so that you can have items automatically added to the Activity Feed via RSS and Twitter. We've added a status feature, so that your members can leave status updates in the feed, and we've added link…

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Welcome to Creators! 

This is the space where Ning Network Creators come to discuss anything to do with managing their Ning communities. From how to get members more engaged and active to best ways for implementing a feature on your network, it's all here. 

What's Up with Ning 3.0


Activity Feed Updates - options for more content in the activity feed.

APIs - The ability to create new members and content programatically.

For more information on what's next, visit the Product Roadmap

The Feature Prioritization Survey is now closed. Thanks for your feedback and we'll be reviewing the responses and releasing a report in early May.


Jen replied to Anam's discussion Blogs Gone ~ Ning 3
"@Eugene, Sorry to say, I feel the same, and couldn't agree, more. :\"
13 minutes ago
Eugene replied to Anam's discussion Blogs Gone ~ Ning 3
"Thanks, Jen.  I'm glad Ning updated their status page.  However, given the size and scope of this issue, I believe it should have been updated yesterday when it started occurring around 12pm pdt.  This has to be affecting many sites, I know it has r…"
21 minutes ago
Jen replied to Anam's discussion Blogs Gone ~ Ning 3
"Temporary Solution:
For those of you who have blogcentric home pages, this is what I've been doing for Client sites, all morning.

Make your Blog Module your "Home" page.
Add modules like Members to your Blog Module, if this is critical for your sit…"
47 minutes ago
Anam replied to Anam's discussion Blogs Gone ~ Ning 3
"Thanks, Jen"
1 hour ago
Jen replied to Anam's discussion Blogs Gone ~ Ning 3
"They finally added a status update almost 24 hours later, acknowledging this issue publicly, and stating they will keep us up-to-date on their progress."
1 hour ago
Ning via Facebook

Hello everyone! If you are seeing issues with blog modules on your 3.0 network, our on-call team is aware of this and is currently working on a solution. We're tracking our progress on this issue at Hope to resolve this…

Strumelia replied to JFarrow's discussion Anyone Else Having Problems With Youtube on Social Channels N3?
"Not experiencing any issues with playing YT vids on 2.0.  (am grateful for that, since we are a music site and videos are critical!)"
1 hour ago
Mary Jane Peterson replied to Anam's discussion Blogs Gone ~ Ning 3
"my are too"
2 hours ago
Jen replied to Anam's discussion Blogs Gone ~ Ning 3
2 hours ago
Thisisbully replied to Luke Jones's discussion show the people that have "Liked" a status,Photo,video etc
"I have those features install on my site including photo uploads to comment from mobile and chat no 3rd party app"
2 hours ago
FedMedic replied to FedMedic's discussion Sliders anyone?
"Looks awesome! I finally got it to work JFarrow. I just need the slider to be leaderboard size with no text."
2 hours ago
Coach Drew replied to Coach Drew's discussion Paid Migration Off Ning
"Thank you for the info!  I will take a look"
3 hours ago
JFarrow replied to FedMedic's discussion Sliders anyone?
"i have a slider which can be formatted to your liking and iframed in like this if it is of interest"
3 hours ago
JFarrow replied to FedMedic's discussion Sliders anyone?
"its working fine on my 2.0  Land Surveyors United... and on leaderboards and a Powr map on this page  not sure what the issue is"
3 hours ago
Kos replied to Anam's discussion Blogs Gone ~ Ning 3
"Ning is aware of it.  Hang in there"
4 hours ago
Strumelia replied to SweetPotato's discussion Ning 3.0 & 2.0 Update: Archiver & Migration
"Miche this has all gone round and round a dozen times over the months by various people here. There is no pressuring ning or glam-  the actual choice is:  you can either like it or leave.
And just since you are wondering- Ron is another "ning-for-hi…"
4 hours ago

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