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Introducing Activity Feed Improvements, Including Member Status Updates

Today we're pleased to release a set of improvements to the Activity Feed feature on Ning 3.0 networks. The updated Activity Feed allows members to view older items in the feed, and to view new items that have appeared since they loaded the page. We've expanded the capabilities of Social Feeds so that you can have items automatically added to the Activity Feed via RSS and Twitter. We've added a status feature, so that your members can leave status updates in the feed, and we've added link…

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NC for Hire

If you want to give your members a tool to use for showing where their posts and content are geolocated, here is a tool for you.  Use this static map generator tool to create an embed code for adding maps to your posts, pages and groups or virtually any post on Ning 3.0 networks using this tool. Code is below for adding your own to a site.  


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Last week, we hosted our first Migration Demo and Q&A Webinar. Thanks to Juliet for her awesome Demo and to everyone who attended. There were a few technical glitches, but we worked some of those out for the recording and we'll definitely be taking your feedback on things we can improve on for the next webinar. Read on for the video and additional resources.
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Members need both the motivation to initiate and to overcome their fear of starting a discussion. Their motivation to initiate will be to either learn something (e.g. "Does anyone know how to....?"), to impress others (e.g. "does anyone else think business class travel isn't as great as it used to be?" or to bond with others (e.g. "I'm upset Kelly got fired from the Apprentice").
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Welcome to Creators! 

This is the space where Ning Network Creators come to discuss anything to do with managing their Ning communities. From how to get members more engaged and active to best ways for implementing a feature on your network, it's all here. 

What's Up with Ning 3.0


Activity Feed Updates - options for more content in the activity feed.

APIs - The ability to create new members and content programatically.

For more information on what's next, visit the Product Roadmap

The Feature Prioritization Survey is now closed. Thanks for your feedback and we'll be reviewing the responses and releasing a report in early May.


Thisisbully replied to Luke Jones's discussion Comet chat
"I have my own chat that was built for me with my own hosting "
31 minutes ago
Thisisbully replied to George H. Compton IV's discussion N3 profile Embed MOD v12.2
"can't seem to get the embeded videos to appear "
48 minutes ago
Luke Jones replied to Luke Jones's discussion Comet chat
"Aha, I just want everyone to have the best website possible :) , and Like sweetpotato said, Yes I am an affiliate aha, I started today so just trying to get a few people signed up to give myself a head start :P I Would go into a long story about how…"
3 hours ago
Luke Jones replied to Luke Jones's discussion Comet chat
"Aha sorry, Just trying to finally earn some money if any money :L "
3 hours ago
SweetPotato replied to Luke Jones's discussion Comet chat
"You could at least disguise the affiliate link :-)"
4 hours ago
Kos replied to Luke Jones's discussion Comet chat
"If you're moving, then why promote Cometchat here?  Must be a paycheck involved........*lol*
Yeah, we'll see how it works out going forward."
8 hours ago
Luke Jones replied to Luke Jones's discussion Comet chat
":) , O really ? I've personally never had a problem with comet chat, and if I do, they usually sort it within a few days, but its never been a big problem that I couldnt wait those few days for if you get me ? Aha, Hmm I think it's worth the amount…"
9 hours ago
Kos replied to Luke Jones's discussion Comet chat
"There you are, promoting Cometchat once again.  I've been using it for quite some time.  I had no trouble for months but recently have members who have trouble getting in.  Occasionally the chat box itself doesn't appear.  Yes, I've made them aware.…"
10 hours ago
Lester replied to Leyda Ramirez's discussion Directorio de redes ning? in Ning Networks en español
"Hola . Tu pregunta es interesante porque ese  funcion que parece ser no existe mas permitia poder fusionar con otros grupos con intereses similares pero con localazaciones diferentes.."
17 hours ago
Lester is now a member of Ning Networks en español
17 hours ago
Lester is now a member of Ning Powered Events
17 hours ago
Fire-Tech replied to JFarrow's discussion Silly Simple Solutions #1: Doing stuff with PDFs
"+1. Always a good trick. Thanks for sharing again"
23 hours ago
Nicole Hill is now a member of Hire a Creator
Rashid Chaudhary127 replied to Ning's discussion Introducing Activity Feed Improvements, Including Member Status Updates
"hello dear sir 
sir 2 features are required on immediate bases in ning 3.0 because due to these 2 features my site value going down day by day.
1:- chat
2:- moderation roles for members
please add these 2 features on immediate bases in ning 3.0
Perrie Halpern replied to soaringeagle's discussion ning vs jamroom
"Sorry, accidently gave the wrong addy to my new site."
Luke Jones replied to Luke Jones's discussion Saving up for PHPfox to leaveNing
"Ah right , thank you for the heads up :) I've been reading the bug area of Phpfox and they seem to be fixing them quite fast now :) "

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