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A Follow-Up Message from our CEO

I just wanted to take a moment and provide you with an update and thank you for the positive feedback.  It's important to hear we are moving in the right direct.  Several great suggestions regarding new features and functionality have been received and are currently under review.   Soon, we’ll start sharing some of your ideas to solicit feedback.      A lot of the feedback we’ve received so far has been concerning Ning 2.0.  We know some of you have made significant investments in customizing…

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Attention NC's!

If you sell a product or service from your Ning Network, we invite to become a Lott-O-Luck Partner.

There is no cost to NC's. However, you are required to give away one of your company's products/services as a prize in our new Lott-O-Luck game 

In return for each prize you sponsor,…

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NC for Hire
Tips left for other Ning Creators get buried with time, so I developed a method to resurface those good ones for another round of help. A while back I showed you over 200 Ning tips that I had scraped out of my own profile discussions dating back to 2007. There was quite a bit of garbage in there so I have gone through those and picked out around 110 tips which are still relevant and have compiled them into a collection for you. You can simply learn something new every day from these tips alone.…
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NC for Hire

Silence is silly. So,i'm gonna try something.  This is the first in a series of posts that I plan to make featuring simple solutions to best ways for how-tos and so on related to managing your Ning network and doing silly things which seem so silly that you feel silly for not thinking of it yourself earlier.  Yes, PDFs make me silly. And so this is how i avoid silliy and get…

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NC for Hire

How to change your header banner image automatically after every 20 seconds or suit to your time preference?

Step 1: Create your HTML page.  Sample HTML page. This page will display as a custom header banner image.

Step 2:  Copy and paste the following code into notepad and add your …

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Welcome to Creators! 

This is the space where Ning Network Creators come to discuss anything to do with managing their Ning communities. From how to get members more engaged and active to best ways for implementing a feature on your network, it's all here. 

What's Up with Ning 3.0


Activity Feed Updates - options for more content in the activity feed.

APIs - The ability to create new members and content programatically.

For more information on what's next, visit the Product Roadmap

The Feature Prioritization Survey is now closed. Thanks for your feedback and we'll be reviewing the responses and releasing a report in early May.


Bizz ( John ) replied to Bizz ( John )'s discussion How To Add A Popular Blogs Module ( ver1 )
"Thanks Kos
I will add one for forums and articles as well as it works virtually the same."
5 hours ago
Maureen Jansen is now a member of Ning Creators Network
5 hours ago
Kos replied to Bizz ( John )'s discussion How To Add A Popular Blogs Module ( ver1 )
"I think there are a lot of people who will love this tip.  Displaying the most popular 'anything' is sharp.  Thanks John!"
11 hours ago
Kos replied to Bizz ( John )'s discussion Enhance Your Social Channels Player ( All code I have used on my site )
"I wonder if Ning is taking notes.  *lol*   Thanks John!"
13 hours ago
Kyryl_Ning_Support replied to David's discussion When are cancelled sites deleted?
"Hi David,
Your network right now is on pending cancellation. The page that you can see at the moment will be presented till the 2017-01-26. After the 404 error page will be presented.
Thanks for using Ning.
Best regards,
Ning Team."
18 hours ago
Kos replied to Diane Chojnowski's discussion Need help using CSS to change group owner
"That's fantastic!  That's the nice thing a/b having Creators here.  Sometimes it helps to just brainstorm back-n-forth and *walllah* the solution comes to you. "
20 hours ago
Thisisbully replied to Bizz ( John )'s discussion Why I Have Been Adding A Lot Of Photos To My Site
"Nice finally"
21 hours ago
Diane Chojnowski replied to Diane Chojnowski's discussion Need help using CSS to change group owner
"Thanks Jen for your brainstorming. We were able to fix the problem with a work-around.
We had the original group creator login and change her name to the company's name, change her picture and email and password to the company's also. And voila!...s…"
22 hours ago
Tommy Gene and Kirsten Izatt joined Ning Creators Network
Porter Davis is now a member of Tips and advice.
Porter Davis is now a member of Ning Creators Network
Kate Ning Support replied to complience's discussion Ning Woahs.. My events have vanished
"Hi!We are sorry for delayed reply!This issue is still being investigated,our tech team is fighting with this issues on the page. As soon as it will be fixed we will create a post here on Creators. We do apologies for that.Thanks for staying with us.…"
complience replied to complience's discussion Ning Woahs.. My events have vanished
"I raised a support ticket with Ning about this, got precisely nowhere so recreated my events.
However now my new events are having problems, with some users unable to RSVP
I need some feedback on any progress being made on investigating the problem…"
Kos replied to Sheila Hollinger's discussion NING Newb Q.
"Yeah, no.  It's got to be something else.  I now have removed all CSS from the site, did a hard refresh and still have nothing.
I'll file a ticket.  Maybe Ning can figure it out.  Thanks!!!!"
⚡JFarrow⌁ replied to Winter Wong's discussion Tapatalk for Ning app is now available on iPhone App Store
"are you no longer supporting Ning for Tapatalk?"
Bizz ( John ) replied to Sheila Hollinger's discussion NING Newb Q.
"Hi Kos
What is messing up your photos in the member profile page is the flex slider code which is not running but it is still hiding the photos. I put two blocking css lines above and below the css but you also have some html belowHeaderAdHtml box a…"

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