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Announcements From Ning

Announcing Events for Ning 3.0

We’ve heard your feedback over the years, and Events has consistently been one of, if not the, most-requested feature for 3.0. So today, we’re pleased to announce the long-awaited release of Events for Ning 3.0. Events are an important component of a successful community, as they allow members to come together, whether virtually or online, at a designated time and place. As we rebuilt Events, we’ve kept the good parts from Events on 2.0 and added some improvements to make it even more powerful.…

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22 Replies · Reply by Brian Titus Feb 10

A Follow-Up Message from our CEO

I just wanted to take a moment and provide you with an update and thank you for the positive feedback.  It's important to hear we are moving in the right direct.  Several great suggestions regarding new features and functionality have been received and are currently under review.   Soon, we’ll start sharing some of your ideas to solicit feedback.      A lot of the feedback we’ve received so far has been concerning Ning 2.0.  We know some of you have made significant investments in customizing…

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77 Replies · Reply by Manuel Adame Jimenez yesterday

Current Issues


Our technical team is already aware of the following issues and doing their best to fix them as soon as possible

  • The Fatal error issue
  • The issue with uploading members data in CSV
  • The issue with HTML…
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Bizz ( John ) replied to Bizz ( John )'s discussion Events Demo2 ( My Complete Style Look ) 13-02-17
"Thanks JF :-) Added some more to it now so users can add predefined messages. I made the code as a seperate thing so can be added with or without my other styling. Condensing the code now so wil hopefully have both lot's up in the next day or two.
10 hours ago
Kos replied to Kos's discussion Ning Get Your Servers Back Up
"My 3.0 won't even come up.  Just a white screen.  Firefox and Chrome. Come on!"
12 hours ago
George Swann replied to Nancy Marsh's discussion Erratic Activity Feed Display
"More empty promises it seems. At this point I no longer consider Ning to be a reliable platform. I've seen many who've already gone to platforms that actually deliver dependable performance and good service. "
18 hours ago
Thereallyniceman replied to Nancy Marsh's discussion Erratic Activity Feed Display
"YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!  We have the same problem and have had for a few weeks. Also the "Site Search" does not search "Discussions", so you can't find anything of interest that may have been posted previously either!!
NING are aware of this problem bu…"
19 hours ago
Kos replied to Nancy Marsh's discussion Erratic Activity Feed Display
"Yes, activity feed issues have been reported 'here' and via tickets.  We've been told it's been given to their developer for resolution.  Meanwhile sites are suffering.  You're not alone.  Definitely keep those tickets going.  Don't let it go unrepo…"
20 hours ago
Manuel Adame Jimenez replied to Bryce Rubio's discussion A Follow-Up Message from our CEO
"Hello family Greetings, the music players is what I called my attention many years ago when it starts with ning, music and image is a communication
that understands the whole world and could be basic in the community so that the language
is not a…"
TJ @ jQueryHelp replied to Giovanni Cappai's discussion HELP! ning 3.0 network data import using ning API
TJ @ jQueryHelp replied to Yaidelyn's discussion How can I get data from Ning 3.0 through the API?
"Greetings Yaidelyn!
It's going to be hard to debug Ning API code here for you, but try this format:
curl -v -u -d "oauth_signature_method=PLAINTEXT&oauth_consumer_key=XXXX&oauth_signature=XXXXX%26" -k…"

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