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I've read some of the disparaging comments about the Ning platform some of you have posted, and must come to their defense. I can build a complete, fully functional Ning platform website in less than 2 hours. You won't find ANY other platform where this is possible.

I have never disliked Ning, so please keep your disparaging comments to yourself. Constructive criticism is best, but some of your comments are over the top.  I am currently developing a new website on another platform, It is much more expensive than any Ning website, but has most of the features of Facebook. Ning customer support is unparalleled. You won't find the technical support better anywhere else than Ning. I will tell you one thing, if Ning Developers were to create a site that had all the features of Facebook, I would move back to Ning in a heartbeat. The cloud-type sharing so popular on Facebook is the ONE thing Ning could do to improve their platform. If they were to make it a part of the Ning platform, people would leave Facebook in droves.People are getting really fed-up with Zuckerberg's ambiguous community rules. Compared to all of the other social networking platforms available out there, Ning ROCKS!

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If you have been on Creators for a while you may remember my post about Survey Earth in a Day back in 2012.  This is a GLOBAL Community event for our Land Surveyor Community.

NING-POWERED PROJECT: Survey Earth in a Day

Well, this year will be our 6th year remeasuring the entire planet as a community, in a single day.

What Is Survey Earth in a Day?

On the day of the solstice June 20, 2017, geospatial professionals around the world and members of Land Surveyors United (a global support network for land surveyors) will be simultaneously recording survey grade GNSS/GPS data from thousands of points around the globe, in order to promote awareness of and a better public understanding of the surveying profession. Measurements made on this day will serve as comparative data from prior events and to expand upon the database of logged points.

So WHAT happens on Survey Earth in a Day?
On the day of the solstice June 20, 2017, geospatial professionals around the world and members of Land Surveyors United (a global support network for land surveyors) will be simultaneously recording survey grade GNSS/GPS data from thousands of points around the globe, in order to promote awareness of and a better public understanding of the surveying profession. Measurements made on this day will serve as comparative data from prior events and to expand upon the database of logged points.

This is just an example of what you can do with a Global Community!

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Brainwave Fusion is a social networking outlet that connects eager entrepreneurs, business owners, and employers/employees with reputable companies.

BrainWave Fusion is a leading website to upload and share music videos online for free. Upcoming musicians can submit music videos and songs to the website for free promotion.

BrainWave Fusion was created to provide a platform for upcoming artists to showcase their talent. BrainWave Fusion lets artists upload, promote and share their videos to get seen by more fans. We also let artists create profiles and consolidate all their social media platforms in one place for easy reach and distribution to fans. Ever wanted your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Sound cloud and YouTube videos all in one place. Well BrainWave Fusion lets you do that.

Fans can also vote for their favorite videos which will help them rise up the charts increasing their visibility.

With BrainWave Fusion artists can:

– Create a profile
– Add your social network and website links all in once place
– Upload Videos
– Promote your videos
– Share music videos
– Submit music videos
– Rise up the charts

BrainWave Fusion is a premier destination website to showcase talented hip hop artists. No major label funding required. Just create your profile and get seen and heard worldwide.

For the fans BrainWave Fusion is destination entertainment site helping people discover new musical talent in their area and worldwide. Fans can vote for their favorite artists and even share their videos to help others discover new talent.

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Your Community as a Planet and Prism

In order to build a sustainable community, you must get to a place where your members feel comfortable and think of your place built for them when sharing that photo or tip or guide on the community you built for them. Progressive enhancement is the human way to increase relevance of your community for search engines, social graphs, bots, algorithms and yes, humans. You can do this for your community by channeling the traffic back into the network and reintroducing relevant content to those new members and visitors which might find it and the dialogue which occurs useful even, five years in the future..
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I'm a little embarrassed to ask but I need to get this fixed. For sometime now we have had our blog and forum on the Main Page. I decided to remove it from the Main Page and have members click on a Tap that says Blog and another that says Forum. Well I have the tabs, the original blog and forum  are stil on the Main Page BUT I just get a blank when I click on the Tab I created. I have no idea how to fix this, can anyone help me out?

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Attention NC's!

If you sell a product or service from your Ning Network, we invite to become a Lott-O-Luck Partner.

There is no cost to NC's. However, you are required to give away one of your company's products/services as a prize in our new Lott-O-Luck game 

In return for each prize you sponsor, your business will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Boost in exposure
  2. Boost in visibility
  3. Boost in traffic/patronage
  4. Boost in sales/income

For more information, visit or ning network at

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Tips left for other Ning Creators get buried with time, so I developed a method to resurface those good ones for another round of help. A while back I showed you over 200 Ning tips that I had scraped out of my own profile discussions dating back to 2007. There was quite a bit of garbage in there so I have gone through those and picked out around 110 tips which are still relevant and have compiled them into a collection for you. You can simply learn something new every day from these tips alone. So, if you think you have done all you can do to make your network the best it can be, i am here to show you that you still have much to do.
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Silence is silly. So,i'm gonna try something.  This is the first in a series of posts that I plan to make featuring simple solutions to best ways for how-tos and so on related to managing your Ning network and doing silly things which seem so silly that you feel silly for not thinking of it yourself earlier.  Yes, PDFs make me silly. And so this is how i avoid silliy and get serious with PDFs...

How to Embed a Silly DOC, PDT, eBook, PPT, PPTX, XLS, etc. into a Page or Post on your Network

1st...upload a file using the blog post toolbar, like so

If you wanna embed a PDF file (ebook, doc, ppt, xls, etc.) the best solution i have found (which stands the test of time) is the good old Google Docs Viewer.  The code you want to use is as follows:

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="350" style="border-style:none;" ></iframe>

more soon..
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How to change your header banner image automatically after every 20 seconds or suit to your time preference?

Step 1: Create your HTML page.  Sample HTML page. This page will display as a custom header banner image.

Step 2:  Copy and paste the following code into notepad and add your custom HTML/IFRAME page.

Step 3: Copy/paste the entire code into CUSTOM CODE (End of Page Code)

You are done.

Download HTML sample code

Live example click here

If there is any issue while implementing this tip, feel free to ask me.

If you would like to go beyond this tip or looking for any kind of help, feel free to contact me

<div id="BL_ads_within_contents" style="display:none;">
<p style="text-align:right";>
<iframe width="970" height="160" src="http://YOUR_HTML/IFRAME_PAGE.html" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
<script type="text/javascript">
if (typeof(x$) != 'undefined') {
x$(".header-siteNameLogo").prepend('<div id="insidecontent"></div>');
var within_contentsCode = document.getElementById('BL_ads_within_contents');
var insidecontentCode = document.getElementById('insidecontent');
insidecontentCode.innerHTML = within_contentsCode.innerHTML;
#insidecontent {
margin-left: -8px!important;
width: 970px;
height: 5px;

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If you want to give your members a tool to use for showing where their posts and content are geolocated, here is a tool for you.  Use this static map generator tool to create an embed code for adding maps to your posts, pages and groups or virtually any post on Ning 3.0 networks using this tool. Code is below for adding your own to a site.  


 Code for Adding Google Maps Static Map Generator to Your Site.  Just plop the following HTML into a text box on a page if you'd like to allow your members to generate a static map code for their posts.
<iframe name="mapgenerator" width="100%" height="700" style="border: 0px #FFFFFF none;" src="*dMtUnEu5ba5GlRf0GEuu1R-cL7FRLHnHijJhKkAGQUWaTDm1zB-MBF91V1Dn7U*mTPSR6SGcB*2OsGI9rc9Bp/1062334408.html" marginheight="0px" marginwidth="0px" frameborder="1" scrolling="yes"></iframe>
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Last week, we hosted our first Migration Demo and Q&A Webinar. Thanks to Juliet for her awesome Demo and to everyone who attended. There were a few technical glitches, but we worked some of those out for the recording and we'll definitely be taking your feedback on things we can improve on for the next webinar. Read on for the video and additional resources.
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Members need both the motivation to initiate and to overcome their fear of starting a discussion. Their motivation to initiate will be to either learn something (e.g. "Does anyone know how to....?"), to impress others (e.g. "does anyone else think business class travel isn't as great as it used to be?" or to bond with others (e.g. "I'm upset Kelly got fired from the Apprentice").
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The majority of communities struggle to sustain high levels of activity in their communities. We typically only hear about the rampant success stories. It’s fun to believe that a community will just attract members and explode to life. Unfortunately, that’s probably not going to happen. It’s going to take a lot of hard work, an understanding of why people participate in communities, some principles of activity, and a clear plan of action.
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Business Fights Poverty was established in March of 2008 to pioneer new ways of fighting poverty utilizing economic and business opportunities by groups and individuals. Founder and Director, Zahid Torres-Rahman discovered and implemented the perfect platform for his idea through a chance conversation and a day’s worth of work.
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As the year comes to a close, it's a great time to look to a few Ning Networks that have had great success throughout 2012 for inspiration. We asked Network Creators on our Creators Network to let us know how their year went, and we received some exciting stories of success and lessons learned.
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