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5 Steps to Keep on the Edge

With millions of networks and clients and competitors out there, take your confidence and super-charge it with these thoughts.
1. Take time to build. Time spend on your One Great Idea that separates you from your competitors. What's your unique offering. What can you offer that others dont?
2.  Build people as you build your Network. Building your company of one is essential to arriving at your company network of 1001. Your investment is not only financial, its people. Without your investment into the minds of others with your unique core solutions and ideas, you have no investment or future either
3. Always have an Idea in development. Ideas make a man come alive. You're only as "one fire" as your idea. If my idea don't keep me awake at night thinking about it, I leave it. Take your passion and make that your mission. It keep you awake in the day too.
4. Keep learning. In my network (which is new) I have the motto: "Everyman a leader, everyman a student." In motivating others dont negelct your own personal growth. Find leaders who inspire you and light yor fire too. connect to them befriend them and ask them to mentor you. Yes, mentors are larners too.
5. Give yourself a daily Heroes Welcome. Look in the mirror every day and say. "Wow, todays my day, I'm a shifter and leader. I stand out in the crowd and stand up in my place. Today I lead." Here goes now make it happen.

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