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Temporary Instagram Integration Workaround

Some of you were concerned about the suspension of the Instagram integration feature, so we have prepared a workaround that will help you embed the Instagram feed into your network. This can be done via a 3rd party tool. In this example, we will be reviewing the tool, but there are other services you can use for this purpose. has multiple subscription levels with different restrictions. However, their free plan should be enough for you to get started. So how does it work? 1.…

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The Star Rating Feature Is out Now

The long-awaited star rating functionality has been released today. From now on, users can rate content posted on NING networks with up to five stars!   You can enable the feature in the Site & Pages section of your admin panel or in the Manage Pages section of a group menu on:   The Article, Blog, Photo, Video, Forum, and Event pages; The comment wall widget. So how does it work?   If you wish to rate a content item, you would need to write a comment below and assign the content a…

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The Future of the Instagram Integration Feature

Hello Creators!   As some of you may know, Instagram is about to roll out a new API. This means that the Instagram functionality that is currently available on NING will soon become unsupported.    Unfortunately, establishing the platform’s compatibility with the new API requires a lot of resources and development time. In addition, we found out that the Instagram integration feature hasn’t been in particular demand among our users.    Considering this, we made a decision to disable the…

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NING Webinars Are Back!

After a series of webinars held in 2019, we decided to keep the good tradition of gathering network creators online and discussing relevant matters. It’s a great way of bonding, isn’t it? Plus, you get to know a lot of useful things that might help your network grow and become successful. Our next webinar will take place on Thursday, February 27th, at 2 p.m. (ET). However, this time, it’s going to be a bit different. Instead of focusing on a specific topic, we would like to take this…

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What’s New on NING: Recap of the Latest Updates

2020 is right ahead, and it’s time to make plans, envision further achievements, and take new challenges. NING is ready to continue what it started back in 2019 - making further improvements to the platform. But first, let’s have a look at the most recent updates that we successfully introduced by the close of the previous year.   New customizable roles You can now create custom administrative roles to make your network management easier. There are options to assign administrators for…

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What’s new on NING?

The new year is approaching, and we are busy working on new updates to make sure that NING enters 2020 with as many new features as possible. This time, we have three awesome updates for you. Here’s a brief overview of each.   1. ‘Add content’ button   You can now fit any of your content blocks with a button that allows users to start contributing new content right away. This makes the process much easier than before, which is supposed to encourage your network members to share their content…

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Introduce yourself to web design

No doubt, having fantastic content on your website is priceless. But that alone is not enough to hit it big. An eye-pleasing design is as important as great content as long as you want your site to perform at its best.  As always, we want our network creators to be successful with their NING projects. To help you make sure that your website looks top-notch and represents your brand perfectly, we decided to dedicate our next live webinar to web design. We are going to discuss the following…

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Webinar in link building is coming October 31st

Hello friends!   During one of our previous webinars, we discussed SEO and its essential techniques. This time around, we want to focus on link building as one of the most effective ways of website promotion.  Join us live on our YouTube channel on Thursday, October 31st, at 2 p.m. (ET) to learn what link building is and how it can help your network rank higher on search engines like Google!   Here’s a brief overview of the upcoming webinar: What is link building, and what is it used for? What…

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What's Up With Ning 3.0?


Activity Feed Updates - options for more content in the activity feed.

APIs - The ability to create new members and content programatically.

For more information on what's next, visit the Product Roadmap

The Feature Prioritization Survey is now closed. Thanks for your feedback and we'll be reviewing the responses and releasing a report in early May.

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