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Happy St. Valentines Day!

Happy St. Valentines Day! As always, this day is full of love. But love can be shared not only between couples, you can show love to your family, friends and communities, of course! And we at NING decided to make this Wednesday special and full of warmth. That’s why we want to make a confession - we love every our creator. And there are several reasons for this: - with you we become better every day - we read and listen what you say and try to make our platform perfect for you; - we learn on…

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5 Comments · Reply by Manuel A J on Friday

Search maintenance

Hi there! We would like to inform you that at the moment search feature wouldn't be working for while. It's necessary to disable it for a couple of hours today in order to fix issues related to its incorrect work. we are planning to start deployment of the fix closer to 6 am CST, and according to the plan the whole process should take up to 6 hours. When maintenance is finished, this post will be updated. Thanks for your understanding. Best regards, The Ning Team. UPDATE: The maintenance is…

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4 Comments · Reply by Kyryl_Ning_Support Feb 12

New group - NING Business Club

Dear NING Creators, We have good news! For those who plan to get to the top of the list of richest people according to the Forbes, we are opening a new group NING Business Club on the Creators Network! The Business Club group will be a great place for you to: find partners; establish useful business contacts; ask for advice about the management and development of your own network. Here you can tell about your success and achievements, exchange interesting business cases, and of course share…

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Share your story!

Dear NING Creator, we want to hear your story! We love our creators and know that stories of your communities can be really exciting. And we want to discover all of them! We would like to ask you to tell us more about you, your community and how you develop your network. Here are some examples of stories that our creators have already shared with us: Community Story with Anton Noe, Community Story with Mohammad Tariq Maliq, Community Story with Badan Barman,…

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6 Comments · Reply by Victoria_NING Feb 5

How to create attractive group at Creators Network

Dear Creators, we are happy to see that activity on the platform has grown in the last days. Many of you have written letters with warm words to us and we are glad to begin a new chapter in our relationships. We have noticed that you started creating new groups and decided to make a short guide how to create a group and make it catchy and easy-to-use for other members.   Here is a tutorial, that will step by step guide you from the start to an attractive group: 1. Go to the page…

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4 Comments · Reply by Kyryl_Ning_Support Feb 6

Let’s make creators even better!

Dear NING creators, we want to make your communication between each other as efficient as possible. That is why we want to draw your attention to our Groups section. Recently we have added groups for our most popular countries, you can find them in Locations. You are more than welcome to join them or create your own groups and invite members to them. Maybe you can even organize a meet-up in your city with members from your country. Despite locations, you can also add groups at mostly any topics…

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North Pole, Express delivery - Members Ranking System 3.0

Dear Santa, I know I haven't been the nicest person this year, but you know I'm trying, and I've not deserved the coal for sure. You know everything anyway and there is no need to convince you :-) This year I won't be asking for myself, I guess I have pretty much everything I need, could you please be so kind and help us release Member Ranking System on Christmas for our lovely creators, I'm sure they deserved it. Please, please, please... Sincerely yours, Kyryl Ho-Ho-Ho Kyryl, You are…

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51 Comments · Reply by Dan Lee Jan 19

Christmas Surprise - Donations on NING Networks

Dear Network Creators, Can you hear the bells ringing and children singing carols? Have you already got into the spirit of Christmas? We hope you have because Ning has prepared something that will make this Christmas special for most network creators. In anticipation of long-awaited holidays, we’ve decided to give you an opportunity to acquire Christmas gifts from your most loyal community members! From now on, you can place a Donation block on any page of your network to raise funds for your…

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11 Comments · Reply by Kyryl_Ning_Support Jan 4

What's Up With Ning 3.0?


Activity Feed Updates - options for more content in the activity feed.

APIs - The ability to create new members and content programatically.

For more information on what's next, visit the Product Roadmap

The Feature Prioritization Survey is now closed. Thanks for your feedback and we'll be reviewing the responses and releasing a report in early May.

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Last week, we hosted our first Migration Demo and Q&A Webinar. Thanks to Juliet for her awesome Demo and to everyone who attended. There were a few technical glitches, but we worked some of those out for the recording and we'll definitely be taking your feedback on things we can improve on for the next webinar. Read on for the video and additional resources.
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Business Fights Poverty was established in March of 2008 to pioneer new ways of fighting poverty utilizing economic and business opportunities by groups and individuals. Founder and Director, Zahid Torres-Rahman discovered and implemented the perfect platform for his idea through a chance conversation and a day’s worth of work.
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