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View counter feature is live

Starting now, each Blog/Forum/Article item comes with a view counter that shows how many times it was read.

This view counter can be enabled using page settings in Site & Pages:


Along with that, “Most popular” filter was added, so you can sort posts in descending order starting with the most viewed posts:


“Most popular” filter is also added to Blog/Forum/Article widget settings:


We hope this feature will help you to get a better understanding of topics your members are most interested in and to bring more engagement to your online community.

Please let us know what you think about it!


Best regards,

The NING Team

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  • I just switched over to N3 and I noticed that my Content Settings for "Photos" and "Videos" does not have the setting for "Most Popular" like you have pictured above.

    Can you please help? 

    • “Most popular” filter is also added to Blog/Forum/Article widget settings, it's only for these items so is not included on photos and videos Scott.

      • Sorry that was supposed to say the view counter not Most Popular filter.

        • This is really a drag because this was the whole reason why I started up with Ning from the gecko as my site is mainly for surf photos. Other than the better forums on N3 I'm starting to regret switching over from N2. 

          • By the way Scott I just thought I would mention that as with the forums you can have multiple instances of other pages as well, so you have have more than one blog, photos pages etc etc. The only thing you cannot have a multiple intance off is the group hub but you can do the same with multiple instances of pages within a group as well. I am sure someone has got some code for having a view counter for photos. I am not sure but I think TJ may have something for view counter on photos.

            This is one big advantage of N3 and the other one is each page instance also gets it's own css class so you can target code just for certain pages easier. Ning2 was also restricted to how you had your layout as each page was taken from the same initial layout but with N3 you can choose different layouts for other pages which is a big difference. So for instance you can have a two column layout for let's say a forum then you create another forum but want something different so for that one you could have a three column layout and the same for other pages as well etc. Also with N3 it is already ready for Mobile etc as it's responsive where as N2 wasn't and you had to add a lot of code to make 2.0 repsonsive.

            If  you give N3 a chance you will find over time how much better it is once you get to know it and it's differences to N2. Yes it does miss a few things that 2.0 had but N3 has more freedom of design to it. Also it is easier to add things like css to get that extra out of it. I don't know if you looked at my profile options so you can have a different profile page but this is an example of how flexible N3 is compared to N2. Check it out, go to your page on my site and click on the button Change Theme and you can choose a different theme for your page. There is a blog also which shows the available themes. I haven't released this code and how to do it on creators yet but I will very soon. So you could create some interesting Surfer Profile layouts that your members could choose from etc.

            • I'm starting to learn that. Only problem is I don't write code. I just copy/paste it.😵

              One of the most powerful features Ning has is the ability for members to post their photos and have everyone comment on them. But if they had an RSS feed for certain types of photos (like on a searched result page) to seperate them in our own categories this would open all types of usage for Ning. The way it is now you can only have 2 different types of photo pages; one for Latest Upload or one for Featured. 

              • You can add categories to photo pages just like every other page. They normally don't show in the Nav of the photos pages until something is added to that category, sort of makes sense as no need to show empty categories but there is a way to make them all show up whether they have items added or not. Alos when you feature photos the featured tab shows in the photos nav.

                8913613895?profile=RESIZE_584xThey would look like this on the photo page



                • Oh wow! Thanks for pointing that out. This will be great for some small projects but wouldn't really do sites like mine any good because my members are uploading surf photos from all over the world. Way too many categories, lol. When using the Search box for a place. example "Mission Beach" all the photos that were tagged or labeled with Mission Beach show up; super simple! If Ning would place an RSS feed on the searched pages it would make a world of difference. 

                  ...not too mention I already have 1000's of photos posted. 

                  • Does not the search box on the photo page itself ( not the one at the top of the site ) find what you need ? I searched for Mission Beach and got these results



                    • Yes it does from the main Photo page but let's say someone wants to show off their surf trip to Barbados using a Photo Category page. They would need to select from the category menu "Barbados" which I would need to have it there for them to select. There are 1000's of surf locations I would need to input for users to have a Photo Category for their surf break which is not feasible.  

                      Instead of having a Photo Category page for "Barbados"along with 1000's of other categories someone would have to select form when uploading, they can simply upload it via "+Add Photo" write "Barbados" anywhere in the description and it will show up in the main Photos page after doing a 'search' (which is the page that should have an RSS). 

                      When you're interested in seeing what surfing is like at a particular spot it would be nice to have a page that brings in all the photos, videos and discussions about, say, Barbados that have been uploaded to the site whether it was uploaded on a category page or via "+Add -----". 

                      This can really only be done via RSS.

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