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San Diego, CA


April 6

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Scott Bishop replied to Jesus Gonzalez's discussion
Member Job Board / Employment Opportunties
Dec 21, 2018
Scott Bishop replied to Jesus Gonzalez's discussion
Member Job Board / Employment Opportunties
"I posted a way to create classified ads without the use of any 3rd party apps. You can check it here: (Okay this site is not letting me post the Ning Creators link to my topic so I put the link below)
All you would need to do if change out Classifie…"
Dec 21, 2018
Scott Bishop replied to Scott Bishop's discussion
Video Thumbnails of Just a Youtube Logo
"Big thanks! Work'n fine now. "
Dec 21, 2018
Scott Bishop posted a discussion
Why is it that when members upload videos from Youtube via url or iframe it just shows the thumbnail of it being the Youtube logo? 
Dec 18, 2018

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  • ; give a "404: Not Found" response

    but works fine :)

  • Scott I finally found the font in a .woff format. See image below.
    This is the exact same font you're looking for :-) the only thing you may need to change is the font size. If you need me to add that snippet of code for you I will. :-)

    The code goes in your NC custom code box.

    <!-- START Navigation Amaranth-Bold Font -->
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="*62mZ78an9Uz4*qq7Ud1uA*3zTqK9yD*btsqvOkh2soYym39fBEK9c-yi4/NavigationAmaranthBoldFont.css" >
    <!-- END Navigation Font -->

  • Hi Scott,

    thank you. It's okay now, Jen has helped me. Now I know what was wrong :)

  • Hi Scott,

    I also add Hotspots on an image with DW, but it  doesn't work.

    Any idea? I've tried to paste your html-code in my network to see if it's working, but it doesn't too.

    I would be very pleased, if you can help me.

    May I send you my code to have a look what's wrong?

    By the way...when I klick on preview in DW it works...but when I paste the code into my network it doesn't.

    Hope you can help me soon


    You are most welcome!

    Invitation to register your Ning site at the 'Directory of Ning Sites & Admins'


    With kind regards,


  • Great to make friends here!
  • Ok. Kool. Your idea and work is brilliant, I didn't want there to be any negative consequences behind it.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  • can you send me the link to the newsletter

    I havent seen it yet

  • I got the book from a plr site.

    Basically you pay for it one time and it comes with resale or giveaway rights.

    What kind of book would work for you

    I will see if I can find one


  • Hey Scott thanks for commenting - the picture you have in the slideshow with the dolphin in the wave is sick! You have a really great collection of shots.
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