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Ning 3 does NOT have an export feature but if you are leaving and want your data moved to Your Own Database that You Control, let's talk!

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CUSTOM FEATURES made for Your Ning site according to Your specs.

Messengers, Likes, Notifications, Searches, member maps, site data exporters, much more. ALL DATA stored on YOUR Server; YOU own Your Data!

Announcing the new integrated Ning Slider 3.0!
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Featured Blog Slider or Ad Rotation Tool (Ning 3.0)

Once you install, no more coding, just feature blog posts! Set the slides' links to internal and external links, too.

My role is NC of a Ning 2 and a Ning 3 site, and Admin on many Ning sites that I have worked on. I am a Software Developer, programming in javascript jQuery. My Ning Network:

Please test out any code I offer here carefully! Always make a copy of your Custom Code box contents before changing anything! Use any code or any other suggestions I may offer here at your own risk!

Tell us a bit about your network (example: Creators is a community of Ning Network Creators who gather together to collaborate, troubleshoot, and share tips and tricks)

For over 8 years now, I have been using various programming techniques to add Features to Ning sites, for free and for a fee. I have shared many tips and tricks for free on my Ning site, If you have a need that Ning is not meeting, and a budget to purchase custom solutions, please contact my team at Thanks and best wishes!

TJ @ jQueryHelp replied to Kyryl_Ning_Support's discussion
SSL certificate feature release
"Thanks so much for your helpful replies!"
Aug 25, 2017
TJ @ jQueryHelp replied to Kyryl_Ning_Support's discussion
SSL certificate feature release
"Thanks Ron,
I just discovered the same thing myself.  An additional problem will occur when the javascript code, which can indeed be accessed from a js file uploaded to Ning if one uses https, accesses server side files that use http.  That's the is…"
Aug 24, 2017
TJ @ jQueryHelp replied to Kyryl_Ning_Support's discussion
SSL certificate feature release
"Do you have any plans to add an SSL certificate to  Anyone who uses javascript files hosted on an external server without an SSL certificate is going to have Mixed Content errors on their site.  If they could move their js files to Nin…"
Aug 24, 2017
TJ @ jQueryHelp replied to Ning Support's discussion
Video Feature on Ning 3.0 is now available!
"Very nice addition to Ning 3 sites, thanks!"
Mar 27, 2017
TJ @ jQueryHelp left a comment for Dan Lee
"Hey Dan,
There is a way to count page views but it requires an external server to store the count data. An app like that would cost a few hundred dollars. 
I wonder if Google Analytics has a widget for page views? I don't think they do, but there mi…"
Mar 19, 2017
TJ @ jQueryHelp replied to Giovanni Cappai's discussion
HELP! ning 3.0 network data import using ning API
Feb 17, 2017
TJ @ jQueryHelp replied to Giovanni Cappai's discussion
HELP! ning 3.0 network data import using ning API
"Hi Giovanni,
As far as I know, the API for the Ning 3 platform is still in Beta testing, as it has been since 2013. It was on the Roadmap to be released for many years but it didn't happen.
However, you should still be able to use it, in a limited f…"
Feb 9, 2017
TJ @ jQueryHelp replied to Anna Ning Support's discussion
Announcing Events for Ning 3.0
"It's really nice to see a new major feature like Events, for Ning 3.0.  Great work!"
Feb 8, 2017
TJ @ jQueryHelp replied to Bryce Rubio's discussion
A Message from Our CEO
"Long Live Ning!
It's nice to see that progress will be made in 2017. I know many NCs will be happy to have features provided for their networks by Ning, for free, that they have had to hire me and others to implement.
You mentioned Features that NC…"
Jan 6, 2017
TJ @ jQueryHelp replied to George H. Compton IV's discussion
( TIP N3 ) Allow your members to add CSS codes to the new profile text box.
"Very nice, George!"
Oct 10, 2016
TJ @ jQueryHelp replied to The Ning Team's discussion
Introducing Member Customizable HTML Boxes for Profile Pages
"It's nice to see a new feature from NIng!
You can even add CSS styles to the new Box, if you do it the right way:
Maybe the Ning API 2.0 for Ning 3.0 is next?  It was also being…"
Oct 8, 2016
TJ @ jQueryHelp replied to The Ning Team's discussion
Price Increase Rollback
"Great news; thanks!"
Oct 1, 2016
TJ @ jQueryHelp replied to ⚡JFarrow⌁'s discussion
Meta-tags To Use For Optimized Facebook Sharing
"Interesting and helpful!  Thanks JFarrow!"
May 4, 2016

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  • Hi, good night, I would like to know if you would have a network ning 2.0 available
    for sale, I'm really looking forward to buying a 2.0 network.
  • It just took me a half hour to make a not-very-good cover photo for my profile page! 

    That is why I am a Programmer and not a designer!

  • Thanks TJ :)

  • TJ ...Hope all is well. I can't remember the test site you had where I was a member. Can you help? I'll bet it's really nice now unless you closed it down.



  • Hey TJ

    Been trying to drop you a mail, but you seem to be bouncing, got any other address I can get you on?


  • I feel like giving a gift, because I care today and every day I am there to you and to all, I am happy knowing you are a good friend to have and for me it is good to be loved. You matter :)
  • Have a great week TJ! :)
  • Thank you for still being my friend here and for being a great person to have around, I appreciate and welcome you for all you are and so much more. Happy latest holiday, I'll keep you in my thoughts.
  • HUGE thanks again, TJ, for your help on the "full view" function for photos ... an essential for my network of photographers obviously.

    another essential to any good network is notifications ... sadly, NING seems to have missed the mark again ... when you have a chance, do you have any suggestions on this one?

    i've spent FIVE days building this network ... but i might just have to cut my losses and continue with a Groupsite one.  :(

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