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J.Ayvar replied to ⚡JFarrow⌁'s discussion
Simple Tip N3: How to Move your Group Description/Follow Box
"Hello Bizz. Nice tip . di you post the video tip in creators ?  i wish to test in my network if do you mind."
J.Ayvar posted a discussion
 I would like to change the size of the search bar in my network but i do not know how to do it. i would apppreciate some help. thanks.
Jan 13
J.Ayvar posted a discussion
I Was using this tip: does not work anymore for me because is not responsible on Mobile devices. My Network is Ning 3.
Nov 12, 2019
J.Ayvar replied to ⚡JFarrow⌁'s discussion
Yet Another Time Saver: Code for Finding Members Anywhere in US
"Thanks for share! By the way, It Is possible make something similar with the gender option or both (location & Gender)
Thanks. "
Oct 22, 2019
J.Ayvar replied to Anastasia_Ning_Support's discussion
Advanced Search by Members
"Ok. Thanks for your reply.
On the other hand, I wonder why NING had  removed an important feature in the "Members" section.
The Advance search is very important , but Before you launch the advanced search, the  members section had 3 features :
Oct 11, 2019
J.Ayvar replied to Anastasia_Ning_Support's discussion
Advanced Search by Members
"Thank you very much!
It Is possible to add the Advance Search in the main page like activity feed? "
Oct 9, 2019
J.Ayvar replied to Anastasia_Ning_Support's discussion
New SEO tools have arrived!
"Woww. This is amazing!!! We was wating so long for the  sitemap. "
Aug 27, 2019
J.Ayvar posted a discussion
This feature  is so important for 2 reasons.1.- Personal Welcome Message (user name mentioned)2.- New users  are invited to be part of the community with the most important features.Like any new member, after you register you are somewhat lost and d…
Aug 21, 2019
J.Ayvar replied to Paul Corona's discussion
Mobile Version- Open to Desktop View
"Hello @ Paul. Ning 2  should be responsible .i am wating for these feature too."
Aug 16, 2019
J.Ayvar replied to Anastasia_Ning_Support's discussion
Join our webinar on SEO
"Thank you!  i am wating for the webinar. Just 5 minutes :)"
Jul 18, 2019
J.Ayvar left a comment on Ning Networks en español
"Hola! Alguien ha construido una versión de Ning. 4? Yo ya cree mi sitio web en la última versión. Es súper rápido, y funciona con Addons de pago o 15 € mensual. No soporta por el momento códigos personalizados."
Jul 16, 2019
J.Ayvar replied to Amber Nelson's discussion
Off Topic Rant - Self Hosted - The Good, the Bad And The Infuriating
"I have been a customer for 12 years ago. 
What can we say? We have never lost confidence in your product and we wish that we continue to grow together with the new version.
Jul 15, 2019
J.Ayvar replied to J.Ayvar's discussion
Ning 4. PageSpeed Insights Vs Ning 3

One of the reasons why our projects decreased in the search ranking was the speed
Today the developers already make webs in Amp environment. Speed is a key factor:
to exist in…"
Jul 15, 2019
J.Ayvar posted a discussion
.The most important feature of Ning.4  in my opinion.;
Jul 15, 2019
J.Ayvar replied to Ana Massien's discussion
Some recent suggestions for ning 3.0
" What About a Amp Theme ? in Ning themes directory."
Jun 27, 2019
Bizz and J.Ayvar are now friends
Jun 12, 2019

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