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NC for Hire

Have you thought about the AI possibilities for your community?

Are you actively building tools to make your members' lives easier? 

If not, you should be. 

If you can't or do not know how, you should ask me to do it for you

Either way, your members are already either adapting or are frustrated trying to learn.   For example, here is a post I recently made on Linkedin for my land surveyor community.  And here is a group I made to collect and beta test AI tools built specifically for members of my community, who I love and want to see succeed.

I'm like you.  As a fellow Ning Community creator, I understand the importance of curating tools and resources that can help make our lives easier.   The work of a community creator is both an art and a science.  The science part is carefully becoming more and more in tune with what your members want and need.   The delivery is science as well, best wrapped in art, in my opinion.  With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and its increasing presence in our daily lives, it's important to adapt to these changes and explore the benefits that AI tools can offer.

PromptZILLAI recently created a tool called PromptZILLA! which can teach you all about prompts.  Prompts are to AI like searches are to google.  The main difference is AI will give you something you are looking for, if you did not carefully craft your prompt.  You have to know how to ask the robots, if you want anything meaningful in return.  To my knowledge, the best way to outsmart the robots is to just call GodPromptZILLA! and let him do the heavy lifting.








Here are a few AI tools that I recommend trying out to enhance your Ning Community:

Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate conversation with human users. They can be used to answer common questions, provide assistance, and even automate certain tasks. By implementing a chatbot in your Ning Community, you can offer 24/7 support to your members and save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on customer service.

Member Map Making Tools -  my previous posts on the subject, now only somewhat apply..

If you read the posts above, those methods become much easier with AI.  Personally, the pleasure and pain involved with building and maintaining a useful member map has been the most time intensive part of being a community creator.  But it is worth it.  It is so worth it that I built this tool specifically for you to use to build your own member map.  Im not sure how well this embed will work here but i made the code available for you on codepen if, you would like to test it inside your community.   Just set up an unlinked page inside your community and embed the code for your own use...if you like. 

Here is what the Batch Geolocator looks like..

11022488877?profile=RESIZE_710xOther Tools in the Lab

11022493672?profile=RESIZE_584xSentiment analysis Tool
Sentiment analysis is the process of using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to analyze and interpret the emotions behind text-based content. By utilizing sentiment analysis tools in your Ning Community, you can gain insights into the emotions and opinions of your members, which can help you make data-driven decisions and improve the overall user experience.

Content curation
Content curation tools use AI algorithms to find, analyze, and organize relevant content from across the web. By utilizing content curation tools in your Ning Community, you can easily find and share high-quality content with your members, which can help build engagement and loyalty.

Personalization tools use AI to deliver personalized experiences to each user based on their behavior and preferences. By implementing personalization in your Ning Community, you can offer customized content, recommendations, and experiences to your members, which can increase engagement and satisfaction.

Predictive analytics
Predictive analytics tools use AI to analyze data and make predictions about future behavior or outcomes. By utilizing predictive analytics in your Ning Community, you can gain insights into your members' behavior and preferences, which can help you make data-driven decisions and improve the overall user experience.

11022493069?profile=RESIZE_584xAdapting to AI can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. By exploring these tools and experimenting with their implementation in your Ning Community, you can enhance the user experience, improve engagement, and save time and resources.



Want some custom made widgets for your community?  Send me a note here and let's make it happen.

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  • AI is awesome! We still need a way to talk to it in the best possible way. Prompt Engineering is a thing, and no one heard of it a year or two ago!

    Members love Member Maps! You should get some interest in that. Are you able to store the member data in a database rather than the CVS file you used in codepen, so it stays current whenever someone changes their info or leaves the site or new members join?

    Chatbots and content curation and the other things are all great! Get with JFarrow people! These things will so enhance your site and likely send your member count to the moon!


This reply was deleted.

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