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Jacksonville, FL

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

i've set up and highly customized more than quite a few ning sites. I am a NC for Hire with a passion for helping other Ning Creators set up their networks for optimal community engagement.

Tell us a bit about your network (example: Creators is a community of Ning Network Creators who gather together to collaborate, troubleshoot, and share tips and tricks)

About JFarrow and Help With Ning Communities

Happy to help with small stuff and will work with your budget on larger tasks...

Since 2007, I’ve freelanced as an independent Ning Network Specialist who can assist with all aspects of Network Design, Community Strategy, HTML/CSS, Social Media Consulting, Network Setup, Migration of Ning 2.0 to 3.0, branding, logo design, social media integration, domain mapping, online event planning, search engine optimization and context marketing.

I can help you with:


Setting Up Ning Network for Community Engagement

Customization of Ning Network Style and Layout

CSS, Javascript, Jquery, HTML

Integration of other Major Social Platforms

Importing Other Social Profiles into Ning Pages

Branding and Graphic Design

Custom Solutions for Community Strategy

Customization of Ning Network Style and Layout


Private Ning Help JFarrow



I've developed a mobile app for getting help with your Ning community and a collection of Ning Tips and Tricks can be found inside the app.   Also, be sure to look through my previous discussions for hundreds of tips and tricks, going back to 2007.  You can also find a collection of the best Ning tips here.

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If you are thinking about creating a Ning Community, use my referral link to get started!

Jack Ning Support and ⚡JFarrow⌁ are now friends
NC for Hire
Dec 11, 2021
Pam Givens replied to ⚡JFarrow⌁'s discussion
TIP: 😳Friendly Reminder for Visitors Who Copy Your Content in 3 Easy Steps
"Hi Bizz where do I put that code?  I will use the one about copying from my whole site.  That will include photos?"
Nov 29, 2021
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
I simply cannot say enough about this new tool I am using to create charts and graphs on the fly, to embed into my Ning communities. If you have a spreadsheet of data (like Member profiles), you can use Chartmatto generate an embeddable table in 10…
Nov 22, 2021
⚡JFarrow⌁ replied to Anastasia_Ning_Support's discussion
Big Migration Sale!
"I actually have quite a bit to say about this but I sent it as an email to the migration team instead.  Let's see what comes from it.  "
Nov 16, 2021
⚡JFarrow⌁ replied to JSheffield's discussion
FEATURE REQUEST - Share To Email Broadcast
"I have been wanting this since 2013"
Oct 25, 2021
⚡JFarrow⌁ updated their profile photo
Oct 7, 2021
⚡JFarrow⌁ replied to Rosas † Negras's discussion
no copyright on mouseover - this allows you to protect each photo of the site as a whole
"Just curious as to why you would say "No Copyright" when trying to dissuade visitors from stealing your images.    Why wouldn't you say "All Rights Reserved - Name of Community".
In other words, if I saw an image that I wanted and it told me "No…"
Oct 4, 2021
⚡JFarrow⌁ replied to Bizz's discussion
NEW Sharing Option I Have Been Working On
"Whoa.... this looks incredible.... excited about it!  hope you are doing well Bizz!"
Sep 29, 2021
⚡JFarrow⌁ updated their profile photo
Sep 25, 2021
⚡JFarrow⌁ replied to Bizz's discussion
New Tip: Video Players In Your Video Page List Page, video bundles and Profile Page ( updated 19-09-21)
"this is looking killer!  love it!"
Sep 9, 2021
Oriel replied to ⚡JFarrow⌁'s discussion
Simple Tip: Where to Go to Configure Social Media Subscribe Follow Buttons
Sep 6, 2021
⚡JFarrow⌁ replied to ⚡JFarrow⌁'s discussion
Simple Tip: Where to Go to Configure Social Media Subscribe Follow Buttons
"You got it Oriel....hope it helps..."
Sep 5, 2021
Oriel replied to ⚡JFarrow⌁'s discussion
Simple Tip: Where to Go to Configure Social Media Subscribe Follow Buttons
"Thank you for sharing JF :)"
Sep 5, 2021
⚡JFarrow⌁ replied to Bizz's discussion
New Tip: Video Players In Your Video Page List Page, video bundles and Profile Page ( updated 19-09-21)
"This looks really cool Bizz!"
Sep 4, 2021
⚡JFarrow⌁ replied to Naveen Jain's discussion
How to track who is visiting what content on my website?
"You should install Google Analytics.
You can also control the permisions for every page in your network to only show to Members (not everyone)
Aug 22, 2021
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
One of the all time most frequently asked questions is where to go to configure your social media share buttons.  Here are the quick links for you.. To get the code for your Facebook Page Plugin go here. To get the code for your Twitter Timeline go…
Aug 15, 2021

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  • Thanks J! Seems there's no way to reply to your comment on my wall? Or have I forgotten how?
  • How do you put that icon (lightening bolt) at the beginning of the title of your emails?
  • I am looking to do some updates to my site, and I would like to engage someone for that task. Please contact me at your soonest for a call or zoom session. 571-244-1902
  • Hi JFarrow,

    I have a 2.0 that I had a java developed years ago for to make it responsive. The only problem is that we're image intensive, and nested replies start hiding part and then all of the images therein. Here's a discussion with a few examples::

    Sometimes 90% of the image is hidden.

    We have to stay with nested comments and replies. Can the code be changed so that doesn't happen?

    I'm moving to 3.0 but want to keep the current site, at least until 3.0 is about as fast as my 2.0.



    Band-Signed Beatles Album Census and Price History 2016
    It's been 5 years since we published our first Band-Signed Beatles Album Census. It's time to update it! A history of full-band-signed Beatles album…
  • Edie is fine. I have noticed your name for years and didn't realize what a treasure you are. Thank you so much for the friend request too. I am going to be exploring your projects now and really excited. Keep spreading positivity and knowledge :)

  •  What a fantastic cover image! Whew!!! 

  • Hi thanks for the addition. You're giving me hope here. Great. I will call you this evening, so it's not the middle of the night for you. :-) 

  • Thanks for the add, Looking forward to working together!

  • Thank you for the friend's request, I'm looking forward to sharing with you here on the site :)

  • Have you had a chance to root for that method to list Groups?  Not bugging you about it, but one of our co-admins passed away and trying to easily list the groups he had created....

This reply was deleted.


CSS maniac
Mar 16, 2018
"Tips and Tricks" guru
Dec 8, 2017
"MRS" release witness

Always around to help :-)

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