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August 24

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Marly replied to Marly's discussion
Custom Badge section
"Awesome! Thank you! We'll have to give it a try."
Oct 17
Marly posted a discussion
Is it possible or has anyone come up with a way to create custom badges/ a custom badge section. I know Ning has their own Badges, however, unless I'm mistaken, there's no way to add more than four to a person's icon (one in the top left,  top right…
Oct 11
Marly posted a discussion
Our members have been ignoring the slowness i.e: Ning hosted images do not load, Sometimes photos will upload broken unless using an outside image hosting site and chat loading slowly. However, this evening it has gotten so slow that chat will not o…
Sep 26
Marly posted a discussion
With ning we can create our own profile questions, however, is there a way to remove or change the text of the mandatory question. In this case upon sign up, it asks for "Full Name" My site is a bunch of writers a roleplayer that collaborate using t…
Sep 18
Marly left a comment for ⚡JFarrow⌁
"Thanks for the add, Looking forward to working together!"
Sep 16
Marly posted a discussion
Does anyone offer SOE services? I think that's what they're called. (Getting my Site noticed on Google and other search engines.) I haven't messed around with it too much but would like the extra traffic from it. If so, I'd appreciate a message/help…
Sep 16
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Sep 5
Marly posted a discussion
The other day, I've transcribed an HTML code (A table basically.) for my site to use as they see fit. it's a drop-down list that allows pics etc. However, whenever my members try to input this code into their custom HTML section it cuts the code in…
Sep 4
Marly replied to Marly's discussion
Question about Autoplay
"This works, that sucks about Chrome's new policies. Hopefully they tweak them a little bit. A lot of my members like their music to autoplay when people visit their page. Also its funky that only half my members are having this issue while the other…"
May 11
Marly posted a discussion
Hello all,   My members love to put videos on their profiles. Some even embed playlists. Recently (only on google chrome) no videos nor playlists will autoplay even if instructed to. Does anyone have any idea why? They still work in other browsers l…
May 10
Marly replied to Marly's discussion
Welp going on day 3 soon.
"Thanks, please do get in contact with me, this is the middle of day 3. I've told my members not to edit or try to reapply info to those html boxes in case the information is still there, just hidden. I need to know whether its lost for good or not s…"
Mar 30
Marly posted a discussion
Yesterday I called early in the morning. My member customization HTML boxes had been wiped clean. I called to see what happened and if this was fixable. I received no answer. Today my website is down completely with an error 500. Not only is it comp…
Mar 29
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Dec 29, 2016


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