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Jackson Heights, NY

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  • Please Check My discussion and reply

  • Hi Patrick, hope you are well! Hugs... :)
  • Thank you for still being my friend here and for being a great person to have around, I appreciate and welcome you for all you are and so much more. Happy latest holiday, I'll keep you in my thoughts.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!
    Hugs, LadyHawk (Afterhours)
  • Hi Patrick,

    Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading your discussion  ~what ning hasn't told you...

    I wasn't sure about moving to a new platform until I saw how Crystal closed the discussion. Yup, she made my mind up for me! Time to move on...



  • Love it when you get inspired like this. 

  • You are hysterical, T! Guess not much has changed since I've been MIA. Love the analogy. Love the overall commentary. If NING doesn't listen to you, of all people, they are sorely missing the boat. Re investors...

     It is easier to snatch a hair from the claws of a scorpion, resting on the tongue of a crocodile, at the center of a volcano on Neptune.

  • That's funny. I like your bag-o-chips one. That was classic.

  • nice pic mmm

  • hello

This reply was deleted.


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