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May 29

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    Blessings Always Helen

  • Hi Bernard I didn't even know you had left the NING 3.0 discussions, and I really missed you. Out of all this geek talk you were the best for explaining stuff. Personally I miss you a great deal. :o(

    And I agree with Ningaholic. If I didn't have another NING creator friend helping me I would be sunk. I'm not only techie challenged I am also a bit of a wooden head if you know what I mean 

    All this time I hung on to the link to your page hoping you would come back

  • Hi Bernard! For some reason I am not getting any feedback on a question that I have: 3.0 & Music Question

    Can you assist me please? Thanks!


  • cool

  • bernard much appreciation and respect for your infinate patence

    ive unfollowed most of the negativity but in 1 i talked about the energy issue and the possibility of green energy (wind solar) and how having a green and sustainable nutral carbon footprint label on ning would increase the attractiveness to environmentaly responsible communities and consumers

    as soon as we move im investing every cent i saved from my sites earnings into wind and solar so my home pc and equip are green powered at least

    if ning was powered by solar and wind many would be proud to pay a lil more for such an ethical platform

    would love your thoughts on this

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  • Bernard, I can tell you that where you guys went wrong wasn't the pricing structure.  It was your thinking that the new format you created is going to actually make for better looking websites.  Not to be a downer, but the average person can't make a good looking website to save their lives.  It wasn't the tools they had that made their sites look old, it was the people building them.  That being said, you've neglected the fact that the select few who could build great networks on your old platform now have to figure out a way to do so on a 3.0 platform that does nothing to actually make their site look any better.  If you want to take the heat off, give people a longer period of time to hold on to their work and just institute the new cost structure.  You'll get a lot of happier customers that way and you'll have time to debug your new platform.  I'm a loyal Ning user so wanted to do what I could to provide productive feedback.  Thanks.

  • I'm pretty sure I haven't seen you around here before, and in that case I'd like to welcome you to Ning. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. 

  • Sir.

    The marketing strategy could have been thought out more, but never mind.

    All people need to know if they are paying for something is what does it do and how much is it.

    If they are getting RollsRoyce software then they have to expect to pay RollsRoyce prices, That's business.

    Maybe Glam Ning could come up with a package to keep the disadvantaged in the loop. A basic set up to keep them in touch with the outside world.

    That's my thinking.

    Take care.


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