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Edie Antoinette updated their profile
Jul 5, 2023

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  • Hi Edie....did you see this thread about creating a radio station?  I thought it might be something you'd want to follow:

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    Tender & Romantic

    By Mark Edward Nero

    Ever since 2002, singer-songwriter-musician Kem Owens
    has been releasing tender, gentle, hopelessly romantic
    jazz-R&B ballads that have made ladies from South Carolina to South
    Africa swoon. And his latest album, Intimacy: Album III, which
    released in the U.S. on Aug. 17, 2010, is no exception. The album
    definitely lives up to it's name: all nine songs on this hour-long
    release are deeply sensual tracks that will likely hit all the right
    notes for women the world over. In fact, instead of Intimacy,
    the album just as well could have been called
    How to Seduce a Woman, Vol. 3 and still easily lived up to its title.

    A Hopeless Romantic

    There are no bad songs or even fast-forward material on Intimacy,
    but that being said, some of Kem's tracks stand out a little more than others.
    And one of the album's highlights is "Share My Life", a superbly romantic
    tune about a man expressing to his lady how much he
    wants to be with her forever: "Share my life, trust in me, you're all I
    want, everything I need," he sings. "Maybe I'm a dreamer, you're still
    my queen, your love's like a river, girl, it's runnin' right through
    me." The song starts of tenderly and romantically, but by the end of
    it, the track has evolved into a bold, soaring declaration.
    Also worthy of praise is the laid back "Can You Feel It," during which Kem
    puts his powers of seduction to work: "For every woman that needs a
    man, there's a man that needs you too, maybe I'm the man for you/You
    feel my heart, you fill my life, you make my day, I'm more in every
    way, 'cause you open me, can you feel it?" Kem also has another winner
    in "Love Never Fails," a tender ballad about a man who has broken up
    with a lover but still remains hopelessly in love with and devoted to
    that ex-lover.

    Seducing Women

    Kem also is outstanding on
    "Why Would You Stay,"
    a smartly-conceived ballad about a man who feels so horrible about
    disappointing his woman (exactly how isn't explained) that he tells her
    he wouldn't blame her for leaving him - then goes about convincing her
    to stay with him. The song, like almost every other track on Intimacy,
    is very well written and epitomizes why Kem is popular; he has an
    amazing knack for tapping into what women feel, think and want to hear
    and manages to articulate this smoothly and eloquently. Not since '90s
    singer Babyface was on top of the charts has a man been so adept at
    seducing women on songs.

    Although this is a solid album from top to bottom
    and can easily be listened to all the way through without
    feeling the need to hit the fast forward button, it isn't perfect. If
    you're not already in the bedroom when listening to Intimacy,
    prolonged listening just might put you to sleep. And the album's last
    track, "Golden Days," features a spoken word segment by neo-Soul
    goddess Jill Scott that doesn't quite fit in with the jazz-R&B vibe
    of the other eight songs. But to be honest, this is just nitpicking.
    All in all, this is one of the better albums of 2010, without a doubt.
  • NC for Hire

    Thank you for your encouraging words.

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  • Great to connect with you Edie2k2 - please let me know whenever I might be of help.

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