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Ning Slider 3.0! - Integrated Slider for Ning 3.0 Networks! Create a beautiful responsive slider with a few clicks. Once installed, no more coding, just "Feature Blog Posts"!  It takes minutes to update slider! It really is that simple. Your Slider can be placed anywhere on your site, and modified to any size.


Get the new Ning Slider - Ning 3.0! Create Slider Easy as 1-2-3!Featured Blog Slider or Ad Rotation Tool (Ning 3.0)

You can even add other internal links or external links for slides to access, using the slider as an Ad rotation app.

After initial installation, you never have to code again!

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JenSocial is a Social Web Directory, and hub for Ning Network Creators.

Jen replied to Anastasia_Ning_Support's discussion
Welcome Landing Page Builder
"Just getting to the Landing Page. Looks and feels a bit like SquareSpace, very sleek! First experience and observation, freezes Chrome during editing. I run the latest version of Chrome. But, looking great! Thanks, Ning."
Sep 27
Jen replied to Tim Greyhavens's discussion
Is anyone else having problems with their site?
"Kyryl, what am I missing here? I've having the same issue on a test site. I joined as a regular "test member", and when I try to access blogs or videos, I receive the "Feature locked. Contact your network creator to unlock feature" I looked at both…"
Aug 10
Jen replied to Jen's discussion
Add Logo to Ning Bar - (collaborative efforts of Jen and Kris)
"Nice one, Kyryl! Thanks for updating this code! It's been so long since it was written, I figured there would be more to it, than this."
Jul 3
Jen replied to Kyryl_Ning_Support's discussion
Thanks to everyone!
"Happy Thanksgiving, Team Ning!"
Nov 25, 2017
Jen replied to Kyryl_Ning_Support's discussion
The long-awaited Search Option is now at your fingertips!
Jun 24, 2017
Jen replied to Jen's discussion
Add Member Account Box Links/Notifications to NingBar (Collaborative Efforts: Jen and Elson)
Sorry to hear that. This code is pretty dated, so not sure why it's not working on 2.0 site. It def won't work properly on 3.0. Elson wrote the main code, and haven't seen him in some years.
Wish I had more to offer,
May 13, 2017
Jen replied to Anastasiia_NING support's discussion
Ning 2Q 2017 plan!
"No problem of course, just appreciate the program. Thank you for the update!"
Apr 13, 2017
Jen replied to Thisisbully's discussion
Chat is available on 3.0
"Thanks! I've been busy, and hadn't even noticed. =)"
Apr 12, 2017
Jen replied to Anastasiia_NING support's discussion
Ning 2Q 2017 plan!
"Truly exciting news for the future! Please consider adding "Search" to the development plans. It is very important, especially for private sites.
The new design for, rocks! I AM disappointed that you have removed the link for "Approved Solu…"
Apr 12, 2017
Jen replied to Ning Support's discussion
Video Feature on Ning 3.0 is now available!
"What a wonderful announcement!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Ning!"
Mar 27, 2017
Jen replied to Ian's discussion
Side Backgound Image keeps shrinking and orienting left & animated gif header isn't working
"I just spent the past hour helping Ian troubleshoot this issue. The Ning platform is definitely breaking gif images, when uploaded via Ning. This is true on Ning 2.0 and Ning 3.0."
Mar 26, 2017
Jen replied to Anna Ning Support's discussion
Announcing Events for Ning 3.0
"Great news, thank you Ning!"
Feb 7, 2017
Jen replied to Bryce Rubio's discussion
A Follow-Up Message from our CEO
"Thanks for the continued communication! :-)"
Jan 12, 2017
Jen replied to Bizz ( John )'s discussion
Changing Your Feature Button To Reflect The Item Has Already Been Featured
"Hi Kos,
Unless I'm misunderstanding the question, it shouldn't be a problem in 2.0, since the Featured/Stop Featuring is in the Options drop-down as "Feature" or "Stop Featuring". I agree with you and Bizz, that this is an issue in 3.0. I've had it…"
Jan 8, 2017
Jen replied to Bryce Rubio's discussion
A Message from Our CEO
"Excellent list, TJ!"
Jan 6, 2017

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  • Hey there just wondering if you still around...


  • Oh no! Okay. Let me know if I can do anything. 

  • I wish to obliterate my entire sire and get a refund (just paid $240 for a year)  Or,   Ideally, I would like to erase everything and start over with an empty site.  Your various email people are very unhelpful.  I mean me contacting the BBB type unhelpful..All they do is lie to me.  Can you help?

  • After my 9:00 a.m. church service, 10:15 a.m. Sunday school, I left there at 11:30 a.m. to go to be with my grands for my (late) birthday (it was the 4th) brunch.  Chase welcomed me with a BIG bouquet of flowers and a card saying, "Happy Birthday Honey!"  "Aubri and I got these just for you."  They smelled soooo good!  They are daisies of all different colors... just beautiful.  I left there about 2:00 p.m. and just smiled all the way home:-)  Tiffany still doesn't have her wedding pics made.  They are on a flash drive (whew).  However, I have a couple that a friend emailed me so I will send you them by message tomorrow or Tuesday.  Miss YOU much my friend.


  • Leaving a little Christmas gift for you.  Please know that you remain close at heart and always in my prayers.  Moreover, I continue to lift your sister in prayer.  Have the merriest of Christmas and the most prosperous New Year.

  • Keeping you always in prayer and close to heart.  Happy Thanksgiving my precious, friend.

  • Thank you for being such a good friend here on creators even though were not friends yet. :-) I just sent you a friend request. You have a great day.

    You are awesome!! ;)

  • Thinking About You! Hope your week will be a good one.

  • Thanks Jen! My favorite shows are Columbo, Monk, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Vincent D'onofrio). I carry wipes in my purse at all times (ala Monk) and pester the powers that be for answers (ala Columbo). They deem me an innocuous 'rabble-rouser'...hahahahahaha! Thanks for helping me to catch myself doing what I do. :=) There is a time and forum for 'everything'. I applaud you for what you do, always with tact and kindness. ((hugs))

    Edie A. Monk Columbo D'onofrio  (lol)

  • Hi Jen - it's a pleasure. I received a lot of help from creators when I first set up our community and knew nothing.  I have tried to help others when possible but don't have much techy expertise to offer - and have been less active as the forum has become more of a combat zone.  I'm more of a real-life community development worker/English teacher really!  

    I hope things improve/have improved for you - I was somewhat taken aback by the tone of the poster and couldn't stay silent. All the best, Tat

This reply was deleted.


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