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Mention feature

Long awaited @ mention feature is now available on all Ning 3.0 networks.

When you are writing a comment and would like to tag someone else, simply type the @ sign and then begin typing their name. You will see suggestions based on what you've typed.

When you click the correct account, it will appear as a hyperlink in your comment that will link to the person's profile.


Once you post the comment, tagged people will receive an email notification.

The @ mention option is available in the comment section only if you enable HTML:


We hope this feature will bring more engagement and interaction to your NING communities!



the NING team


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  • This reply was deleted.
    • Hi Ana,
      Thank you for your question! 

      Yes, we've added this feature to our 3.0 platform.
      It means that all the 3.0 websites are currently supporting it. 

      I'm afraid that the same feature won't be implemented for the Ning 2.0 platform.
      Unfortunately, it has an old engine. It doesn't mean that it is bad or completely outdated, it's more about that we're currently focused on improving the Ning 3.0

      Kind regards,
      The Ning Team

  • This is a very important feature especially for the member engagement, and it is also an expected feature as it is available in most of the social media.  It's good to see NING finally have it!  

    However, there are rooms for enhancements:

    • notification email is sent out from, instead of mail@"custom domain", which is not consistant with other notification email
    • member can tag ANY members, even though for the domain who has set the Private Message as "Friends Only", which is a bit contradicted, i.e., you can't send direct message to someone, but you can tag them and send them email notification.  There should be options for Admin to set if only friends can be tagged.
    • it is even better that can tag a GROUP (function available for the group admin)
    • the message "Mention someone by typing their name..." could not be edited in Language Editor
    • to have this feature not only for the Comment, but also available for the Original Post
    • Hi Vander,
      Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it!

      I would like to do apologize for so delayed response.
      Please, kindly note that all the suggestions have already been passed to our management and the Tech Team.

      I think that these are really important features, hopefully, they can be added in the nearest future!
      As for editing the message in the Language Editor, could you, please, double-check if it works fine right away? 
      Thank you in advance!

      Kind regards,
      The Ning Team

    • You need to set up an MX record with your domain provider in order to enable this feature.

      • Thanks!  So you got the notification email from this new feature, with the same sender as all other notification emails?

        I did raise this question to NING Support and they have no answer yet, can you let me know how you can do it?

        • The notification email was from a domain I went to my domain host which is go daddy and setup the Mx record and it works fine 

          • I tested it again yesterday, it seems the NING Support has fixed the problem without notifying me.  I didn't setup the MX records but did the domain mapping on day one, it always works fine with my domain for all other notification emails.

  • Anastasiia_NING support  We are a 3.0 site and have the forum organized the way you have described it, but it isn't working on our site.  I do see that it is working here on Creators. 

    UPDATE:  It does work on the forums.  It does not work in the Activity Feed.  Can the function be added there?

    • Hi, Asil
      Thank you for your question!

      I'm really sorry for such a delay. Please, accept our apologies!

      I'm afraid that currently, we do not have a technical possibility to implement that. The Activity Feed feature has pretty different functions. 
      Yes, you can add a status update to the AF, but in general, the feature serves for gathering and displaying different events and doesn't support HTML editor.
      It could be that it is possible to add a function that would display an event when someone mentions another person.

      Anyway, thank you so much for the suggestion, I've already passed it to our management for further consideration.

      Kind regards,
      The Ning Team


    • NC for Hire


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