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  • All aspects of Ning design and build
  • Assistance with migration to Ning 3.0
  • Custom jQuery plugins to make your Ning site rock
  • Available on monthly retainer
  • UK-based, experienced and reliable

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  • I would like to use my own domain

  • Hi, good night, I would like to know if you would have a network ning 2.0 available for sale, I'm really looking forward to buying a 2.0 network.


  • image.jpg?width=96&height=96&crop=1%3A1NC for Hire

    I can't get it to work ... and can get help with precise photos also for the reason that we do not know if the codes must be placed below or above the codes of my theme thanks

  • is a community driven site, improving it would be great but the job would have to be on a volunteer basis. We don't have the funds for a ning 3.

  • but it might be possible to mimic something like that? with fonts and is there a way to side nav like that or does it all have to be across the top?  My devs are going to dig around a sandbox but our current developer says we can't do anything like that at all.

  • After finding out that NING isn't converting any more sites to 3.0 any longer, my current developer says there isn't a way to take this design and put into NING 2.0 for this site  We will go back to using the events that are on the later site, just we were wondering about the design.  Can you provide any insight?


  • Yep, it's #4.   ;)

  • Hello. I was told you may have a Ning 2.0 site for sale and I was wondering if you still had it up for sale? I have sent you a friend request and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Hello,

    You write on this page "I run a Ning site for lawyers ..."
    But, I think that's no longer the case now. You no longer use Ning for, although I know you continue to use Ning for other projects.

    Best regards,
    Ambroise Ingold

  • hello I was trying to implement the profile slide show and followed the steps but don't see a slide show on the profile page did I do something wrong?  I added both sets of codes to the below header box on the members page and nothing?

This reply was deleted.


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