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December 2

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Kinga Incze and Captain Major RockettBobebuzz are now friends
Apr 19
Kinga Incze posted a discussion
Hi, have any of you use a 3rd party job board for your network? What do you suggest to look at? Thanks
Apr 18
Kinga Incze and TJ @ jQueryHelp are now friends
Apr 14
Kinga Incze replied to Kinga Incze's discussion
Any tricks to put Like and Comment buttons in the activity feed?
"Thanks, it's good there is a way to do it with costum coding. "
Apr 14
Kinga Incze replied to Nick Barr's discussion
Updates on revamped Activity Feed and other Main Page improvements
" Hi, I'm a new nc and just looking for like and comment functions for the feed. How is it possible? Thanks"
Apr 8
Kinga Incze posted a discussion
Hi, I'm new here - network creator of Can you please help if it's possible to put Like and Comment buttons in the activitiy feed for each post?Thank you in advance!
Apr 8
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Apr 8


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