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Activity feed update

Based on your feedback, we’ve changed the way how newly added content items display in the activity feed.

This applies primarily to blog posts, forum discussions, articles, events, polls, and videos.

 So what’s changed?


When the user posts two or more content items of the same type within 24h like those mentioned above, all of them displayed in a single activity feed entry as links separated by a comma.




Each post made by the user is displayed separately and features a preview.



Hopefully, this will improve the user experience on your networks!

Let us know if you have any other suggestions on improving the activity feed.


the NING team

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  • It's great!

    The Discussion group changes are not displayed in the feed, why it that?


    • Hello Kinga,

      Would you mind specifying what you mean by 'The Discussion group changes'?

      If you mean when someone edit already posted discussion - it won't be shown in the activity feed, but when someone creates a new discussion or adds comment - it will be shown.

      Waiting for your reply.



      Ning Team

  • From my point of view, the previous activity feed was better. The new implementation will encourage spam because it promotes abuse by giving it more visibility.

  • hi Anastasia !! cool !!  thanks for the update....!  ...That is what is needed..!!

  • Hi there everyone. Greetings from Indonesia. 
    Yup Anastasia, I noticed the update. Very nice indeed. 
    Looking forward for mention feature. That would be really great, as we can address one or more member in particular. 
    Thank you... 
    Stay safe and well everyone... 

  • This is a great add on, link previews give the member an idea of what the post holds, builds user engagement.

    I still would like to see hashtags, add media to newsfeed, auto posts it to pics or videos, plays in the feed, @mentions, and you can change the color of the @mentions and #hashtags in the newsfeed. Time stamps "X created blog post at 12:00 am est", Add tracks, files, emotes/emoji, giphy gifs.

    • Hello Ana!

      Some of the updates you have mentioned are already on their way, keep an eye on the announcements :)

      Best regards,

      The NING Team

  • You can now Star-rate all new features (and basically all other announcements) in the comments! 

    Feel free to share your feedback with us!

    Best regards,

    The NING Team

  • NC for Hire

    Cool... thanks for the update!

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