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  • I have looked at this image but don't see the Read More.. part. Do you have a link to this page in case I am not looking at the right one. It should not be there.

    • Well that's odd. It suddenly not there anymore. It's been there since I switched to N3 several weeks ago until I asked here about it. (Someones been watching over me. LOL). 

      • Sometimes this does happen and I usually put it down to Ning working on stuff in the background before release of new features and bits of code or items show up. Worth keeping an eye on it though.

        By the way I posted the code for the blog version of classifieds for you, if you are still going to use the forums for it let me know and will work on the code for that for you.

        • I've already created my Classifieds using the forums. If you could please send me the code for the forums side I'd be grateful. 😃

          • Do you have a link to your forum classifieds you have set up so I can add the right page name. I have wrote the code I just need to know what you have called the page so I can alter it for your page.

This reply was deleted.

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