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July 18

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?


Tell us a bit about your network (example: Creators is a community of Ning Network Creators who gather together to collaborate, troubleshoot, and share tips and tricks)

Former NC now using BuddyPress/WordPress. I learnt a lot here back when I first starting working with websites, kinda miss the place so check in pretty regular to see what's going on.

Jamie Baker replied to TC Harp's discussion
I need some assistance please
You've somehow set this as your main site background image. I've not used Ning for a while but I suspect it's easy enough to remove it in your settings.
As a temporary fix while you work it out add this to your custom css:
body {background-image…"
Jun 29, 2017
Jamie Baker commented on ⚡JFarrow⌁'s blog post 110+ Useful Ning Tips and Tricks for 2.0 and 3.0
"What a legend! Thanks Justin. I'm not using Ning these days but check back here a lot to follow the potential revival under new ownership. I hope to return soon once 3.0 development gets going again.

I remember when creators was blessed with posts…"
Dec 12, 2016
Jamie Baker replied to The Ning Team's discussion
Acquisition Update
"Been following this here over the last week or so. Damn I feel for you guys. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. I'd say this is a good thing as after looking Cyndx, they're not a company involved in any way with social networking and community websites.…"
Sep 28, 2016
Jamie Baker replied to The Ning Team's discussion
Notice of Upcoming Price Changes to Ning 2.0 Networks
"Quite taken back by this, a seemingly impossible new low for Ning. My heart goes out to all you poor people being held hostage. Come on Ning at least fix the archiver so people can retain their years of hard work."
Aug 31, 2016


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