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Online status indicator

Do you want to see who of your network members are currently online and who are not? It is now possible with a newly implemented online status indicator!


When enabled, the green dot will appear next to the member name on the profile page.


The green dot will also mark active users on the Members page.


The online status indicator becomes active once a network member is signed in, and it turns off automatically 10 minutes after logging out or closing the browser tab.

All newly created networks have the online status indicator enabled by default.

Networks created prior to the implementation of this feature will have the online status indicator disabled by default.

To enable or disable the indicator, head over to Members > Settings in the admin panel.


Hopefully, this new feature will make interaction on NING networks even more convenient!

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  • It would be nice if this showed up in all places next to the members avatar, like the activity feed etc. To see if a member is online you have to leave where you are to see if that person is online by either going to their profile or the members list page.

    • I agree with you .. created as now, it is of little use

  • I remember once it also worked for the main ... it would not be bad to enter the main and immediately see the last inserted with the light on ... the icons were red and green light .. and the creator was Jen if I'm not mistaken

  • NC for Hire

    Thanks guys... this is awesome...

    back in 2.0, we used to be able to see who was online by linking to a status page like this

    Will there be something similar we can do with the new indicator?    Thanks so much!
    • Something like this, got onto that already JF lol, just got to do the mobile select menu next. It's just a shame that when Ning add these things that they don't go that little bit extra to add these type of things.


      • Are you saying we can set up a "Online Members" catagory, or that it would be nice to have that feature.  I have just moved from Ning2 to Ning3 and trying to figure out how many are online at one given time.


      • NC for Hire

        were you able to get that working?

      • I think that one day NIng has to pay for dinner to people like you all ... ning 3.0 is what I was looking for ... but it still has a long way to go to get to what we all need .

      • NC for Hire

        Wow... awesome.. we are still sharing a brain across the pond!  

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