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Members online feature

In addition to the recently added online status indicator, the Members online category is now available on the Members page:



This option is also available in the Members widget:


A Network Member will be displayed in the Member online category after signing in and will be removed 10 minutes after logging out or closing the browser tab.

We hope this new update will improve your user experience.



the NING team

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  • I hope the online indicator will also be available in chat rooms in the nearest future room is useless as per my network requirements at this must be like 2.0 version as soon as possible

    • We are strugleing with the Ning 3 chat. Would really like to have Ning 2 chat.  I am still trying to figure out how to delete all chat.  Some will not chat for they are afraid they will type something sensative and I have no way of deleting it.  I know they can when they type, but sometimes we not find out till days later that something needs to be deleted.


  • Will you post to this disccusion when the feature actually works.  Right now it does not fuction properly.  Sometimes it shows members as online when they are not.  Sometimes I get "There are currently no logged-in members." when there are.

  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  We really need this feature.

  • NC for Hire


    hi Anastasia ! this was not what we expected ... it would be perfect to see the online members left all together as it was many years ago..for categories occupies space in general is not perfect ... but it is just my opinion.
    • Hi!

      Thank you for your feedback!

      We have received a reply from our Product Team regarding your request - seems like they initially considered adding this option, but after checking the statistics it became obvious that a great number of Network Creators use badges on the profile pictures, and they will simply not work together :(

      Best regards,

      The NING Team

      • NC for Hire

        I remember many years ago some skittles were created that went to the right of the avatar ... it didn't look perfect but we creators had accepted thanks toJen

        JenSocial HTML Injection, Ning Code Generator!
        JenSocial HTML Injection, Ning Code Generator: Creates scripts to insert simple HTML above/below many Ning Site Locations like: NingBar, Menu Navigat…
      • The online indicator would work if it was placed by creating a little more space around the avatars as the badges are within in the avatar so the online indicator could be added on the outside of the avater into the avatar frame.

      • NC for Hire

        badges are useless in my opinion ... very important the option as soon as you enter the site to immediately see who is online ... if we had to add badges for each category it would be as long as the abyss yes an ocean but thanks for taking it into account! I'm talking about the old ning from 20 years ago and my old school .. I did not pass the exam is not a problem I continue to work to make 3.0 incredible ... I hope one thing to bring the proposal back to committee. we will use codes and javascrip to get what we ask for..Dear Anastasia

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