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Ning 2.0 to 3.0 Migration Webinar from Ning on Vimeo.

Last week, we hosted our first Migration Demo and Q&A Webinar. Thanks to Juliet for her awesome Demo and to everyone who attended. There were a few technical glitches, but we worked some of those out for the recording and we'll definitely be taking your feedback on things we can improve on for the next webinar. 

We'll also be following this up with a post late this week answering the questions we didn't get around to during the hour, so stay tuned for that. 


Migration Request Form - When you're ready to migrate, request it here.

What to Expect When You're Migrating - a high level look at migration.

Setting Up Your Ning 3.0 Network Post-Migration - Tips for how to review and set up your new Ning 3.0 Network.

Content That Can Be Migrated to Ning 3.0

Content That Cannot Be Migrated to Ning 3.0

Ning 3.0 Pricing - Information about pricing plans for Ning 3.0. You can also find more information in this Help Center Article.

Ning 3.0 Hub on Creators

Ning 3.0 FAQs

Upgrading to Ning 3.0 FAQs

Product Roadmap

Requested Feature Improvements

Bonus Resources

I mentioned Pixelmator (paid app download) and Canva (free web app) as good programs for making a default cover photo for your network.

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  • What's the cut off date to migrate to 3.0? Sorry but I don't want to have to read through a ton of stuff to find it.
  • Neil and Pierre- sadly, Crystal is no longer with Ning. Ning has stated it will no longer be responding much to customers questions and concerns here on this Creators site, and that you should file a help ticket to ask Ning for help or answers in migrating.
  • Hello Crystal !
    Thank you for the Webinar video, your process is clear.
    I have however a major concern.
    My content is published in 2500 Discussions in Groups along with their Replies. You state that Text boxes will not be migrated, but what is the situation for Group Discussions ?
    If you do not offer to migrate them, will you offer a technical support for me to archive my 2.0 content ? I worry about this archiving because so many great applications never work in practice except for superchampion users ...
    Thank you in advance for considering the above.
    All the best
  • I know about the five days to complete migration. Once I make a request to migrate, can I request a date to start on, as I want to make sure I will around to fix issues? If I want to migrate the week of Aug 18, when should I put my request in?
  • Hi Medics Index, we're not planning on supporting text boxes in a later stage of migration. These will need to be copied from the 2.0 and pasted into new HTML content types on the Ning 3.0 Network. We suggest saving the basic HTML in a text editor before migrating so that it can be easily pasted back into the new network.

    We're not looking at adding Facebook options into the general comment wall feature right now, but I'll file this suggestion for future consideration.
  • Woudl Ning Include any Apps like adding FB comment Box to all the Network Pages , As we need those as our Medical Network is OPEN to all visitors and we base our Sales on those functions.
  • We just could not not understand the bit about Text Boxes, Most of our Members use those to write about themseleves as we run a Medical Network, and we always encourage our Meidcs to write an "About my clinic " using the Text Box which we also move to the top of pages . Please explain is this something you are working on now or at later stages ?
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