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Recommended DNS settings notice

Dear Network Creators,


Since we want every network to be protected from possible DDoS threats, we recommend setting your CNAME record as specified in the administrative panel of your NING network.

To see the recommended settings, please go to Social Site Manager -> Domain Mapping -> Use registered -> Learn more.

Find a detailed guide here:


We would also like to inform you that it has become obligatory with many domain providers to use IPv6 addresses, so we highly recommend setting an AAAA record for your custom domain as shown below.


Please note that some providers are already suspending domain names with no AAAA record specified. Therefore, we advise you to take care of your DNS settings as soon as possible to avoid inconveniences in the future.


Kindest regards,

the NING team

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  • When I go to Godaddy where I have bought a site name the DNS settings for registrar do not look like the one's in the example. I am nervous to start messing around with it. Is there any way Ning could give a better explanation of how to do this - it feels complicated and a bit scary

  • I honestly do not know what this post means.

    • It has to do with using a URL for your social network that is not the same as the URL of your network on a Ning server.  I will use our social network as an example. Our network is at  I have mapped that URL with a sub domain on our website,  When quilters visit our network it looks like the network is on our site. However the network files are actually at  Did I explain that well enough?

      • Thank you. 

        Is Ning saying they or we are vulberable to DOS attacks if we stay with Ning in site name?

        • I do not think so.  That is getting beyond my techy abilities.  The way I read the email, it would be on our web host end.  But I just not know enough about DNS stuff to know for sure.


  • It would be nice if you made the values for "A Record" and AAAA Record" copy/pastable in the text of your post.  It is easy to make typos, especially with the "AAAA Record".


  • NC for Hire

    Thank you

  • NC for Hire

    Thank you!

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