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To Ning's CEO

I am a HUGE supporter of Ning. You folks try really hard and it shows. I hope to 
be with you forever. But if you, as Ning's CEO, won't disclose your identity and other 
details of the company, then I have no choice but to leave.

That's the last thing I want to do.

Ning, and our sites, could disappear overnight, and with it years of content; a decade's worth in my case.

You have all of our member information. Member emails could end up who knows 
where, and their IP addresses traced to locations. Confidential member-to-member 
communications revealed, and more.

I am responsible for the safety and wellbeing of my members, and this needs to be rectified right away.

Things may be different in Russia than in the western world. But if you want to succeed worldwide—which you deserve to do, even with the bugs and slowish development—you're going to have to be open about the company.

Please, let's get this handled now.


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  • NC for Hire
    If you go waaaaaay back in the wayback machine and see how vibrant and transparent the old creators community used to be - that is what is needed.
  • I too am uncomfortable with this secretive ownership of Ning. We only know there is a Ukrainian connection, and possibly Russian? Ning creators are giving total access to our thousands of members' personal information, all kept on Ning servers, yet we get no real information in return from ning management... nothing. Don't our network members deserve to know this when they sign up on ning networks? Should WE be informing our own site members of this information before they create membership accounts on this platform?
    Despite periodic cheerful assurances from ning support staff here, we have yet to see a single step towards transparency by this current Ning management... whoever/wherever they actually are. All we get are repeated statements that 'management changes are going on' ...and therefore nothing can be revealed. In this day and age, I find all this unsettling.
  • Steve, I'm interested in the answer NING surely sent to you....
  • Isn't that kind of rude to ask for the ceo stuff right out right? Most people surf with protected proxies which means their ip's can't be traced. Seems a bit silly too me.
  • Hi Steve!

    Thank you for your continuous support over the last years!
    I started here in NING as a support operator and I remember you calling us regarding the issues with your site - you were always very patient and understanding, and I want to thank you for that!
    I surely understand your concern and willingness to know more about the company and management. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the name of our CEO not only because of the inner policy of our company, but also simply because we are currently undergoing inner changes in higher management, and a new CEO will be appointed soon.
    However, the identity of our COO is not a secret (his email address as well, but this info I can send via the private messages, I am sure you understand). I am going to discuss it with my superior, but I believe we can arrange a Team Profile here, on creators, in the nearest future and introduce to you people who work in NING.

    Our client's support means a lot to us, and we will do our best to become more transparent.

    Best regards,
    The NING Team
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