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Victoria_NING posted a discussion in NING BUSINESS CLUB
No need to set the plank too high at the very start: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!

If you have finally decided that it is time for your site to become something more than just a hobby, you probably have your own reasons, be it compens…
Aug 21
Victoria_NING posted a discussion in NING BUSINESS CLUB
When beginning your first monetization activities, always check out whether they perform well. Try to avoid such monetization mistakes that NEVER do you a favor:
1) Don`t monetize your blog until you get your first audience. You should not only find…
Aug 20
Victoria_NING posted a discussion
Hi Creators,
The summer is slowly coming to an end, unlike our efforts to deliver you the best user experience.
And today, we want to tell you about our accomplishments in the Q2.
Over these 3 months, we have fixed 135 bugs to maintain the stable wo…
Aug 10
Victoria_NING posted a discussion
Hi NING Creators!
While we are finalizing a huge update, we want to share the news that will make some of our creators really happy, especially those residing in Europe or having members from Europe.
Today we want to present you iDeal - a new paymen…
Jul 20
Victoria_NING posted a discussion in NING BUSINESS CLUB
Do you need some inspiration? Are you full of enthusiasm to create something incredible?
Let the art come to your life at full speed! The Art Colony is a fun, friendly online NING community for visual artists working in painting, drawing, mixed medi…
Jul 18
Victoria_NING posted a discussion in NING BUSINESS CLUB
Who would say NO to extra source of earning money? But why would YOU begin using our new NING monetization tools?
1) You`re a blogger and content creator. With Paid Access option, you can get money for access to your articles, lessons, instructions,…
Jul 17
Victoria_NING posted a discussion in NING BUSINESS CLUB
All of you may have some web resources that you usually use to search for interesting information. What topics do you like to read? What issues are you interested in? We are going to improve our informative digest, and wonder what would you like to…
Jul 16
Victoria_NING posted a discussion in NING BUSINESS CLUB
Find out why NING as a social media website builder is better than:
1) Facebook. There, you can create business pages, social groups; share numerous content. But, in fact, there is no that special community feeling: people stand on Facebook ranging…
Jul 13
Victoria_NING posted a discussion in NING BUSINESS CLUB
To have a SEO- optimized resource is not only trtendy for any website creator but also highly necessary for website success. There are some reasons for you why you need SEO in your online resource:
1) Organic search is usually a primary source of we…
Jul 10
Victoria_NING posted a discussion
To give you more ideas for monetization  we want to share with you some useful materials:
How to start earning money on NING - read here
How to raise money for your nonprofit organization - read here
One of the network creators - Heidi from MomStron…
Jun 1
Victoria_NING posted a discussion
Today is an important day for all NING - the beta phase of our monetization feature has finished and it goes live! We are thankful to everyone, who has tried the feature, tested it and told us about everything that was good and that was not. Thanks…
May 30
Victoria_NING left a comment on Creatori NING Italiani
"Hi dear creators! Happy Liberation Day! From all NING we wish you a great holiday!"
Apr 25
Victoria_NING left a comment on NING Creators from United Kingdom
"Hi creators! We know that today you are lucky and have two holidays at one day! So we wish you to have a really great one!"
Apr 23
Victoria_NING replied to Victoria_NING's discussion
What was done in Q1 and our plans for Q2
"Thank you! Hope that our next changes will only make you more excited about Ning :)"
Apr 20


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