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April 20

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

He creado Moldeando la luz

José Luis Cuendia posted a discussion
My social network:  is a social network dedicated to photography, my question is what is the use of a social network of photographers, if the photos that are uploaded cannot be seen all? This is the aspect of the home page, wh…
Jul 26, 2019
José Luis Cuendia replied to Victoria_NING's discussion
Let’s recall the Q2: what was achieved
"As the creator of a network of photographers, all its members are very angry, how one of the most necessary functions in photography has disappeared, like the visit counter that was in Ning 2.0. In the same way you can not know who are the people wh…"
Jul 15, 2019
José Luis Cuendia left a comment on Ning Networks en español
"Tengo una red social de fotógrafos y es lamentable que haya desparaecido el contador de visitas a cada foto, que antes existía en Ning.2.0. En una red de fotógrafos es fundamental, como ocurre en 500px, flickr, etc, ctc Alg…"
Jul 15, 2019


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