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Let’s recall the Q2: what was achieved

Hi Creators,

The summer is slowly coming to an end, unlike our efforts to deliver you the best user experience.

And today, we want to tell you about our accomplishments in the Q2.

Over these 3 months, we have fixed 135 bugs to maintain the stable work of your networks.

In May, we have officially launched three monetization features:

  • Paid access;
  • Paid membership;
  • Donations.

Then, we kept improving it by:

  • Updating the E-commerce admin menu (the mobile responsive view is coming real soon) and almost all its sections;
  • Adding an opportunity to create payment pages with multiple paywalls, and consequently, apply more than one paywall to content;
  • Adding a customizable donation button which can be placed anywhere on your network (besides the possibility of adding a donation tab to the network menu and creating a donation content block);
  • Launching global sales and discounts on paywalls and applying promo codes;
  • Adding recurring payments: recurring paywalls, optional recurring donations, and recurring payments with discounts (the payments are made through Paypal, Stripe, and Ideal);
  • Increasing the payment processing speed up to 3x.

We are very proud that 30% of our active 3.0 networks have successfully started using the E-commerce platform and shared their feedback with us as for improving the core monetization features.

If you haven't tried it yet - don’t miss a chance to get started. Just click on the E-commerce icon (to the right of Content Management) in your NING admin panel (in the upper left corner).

Besides, we keep working on our interface so it will be easier for you to use admin panel and to customize your network (and it looks nicer also:). Overall, over the Q2, we have successfully improved general settings (in order to make start of work with your network simple), member management settings, sign up and sign in settings, as well as the registration form (now it looks fresher and more modern and you can also deeply customize the registration form. Try it, if you haven't).

Please share your feedback with us and stay tuned - more updates are yet to come!

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  • As the creator of a network of photographers, all its members are very angry, how one of the most necessary functions in photography has disappeared, like the visit counter that was in Ning 2.0. In the same way you can not know who are the people who have chosen your photo as a favorite. In that sense it is a great setback compared to Ning . 2.0

  • And so as not to gloss things over too quickly,  let's recall what wasn't achieved.

    I still cant do basic things like send message broadcasts reliabaly. 

    Message broadcast previews are a distant memory.

    The support module wasn't working for a week.

    I can no longer add pictires to the photos area.

    Alerts for comments etc come if and when they feel like it - or in the case of Ning Creators not at all.

    There's a pile of other "waiting", "highest priority"  problems, some of which go back years.

    None of this does anything but slowly strangle user engagement.

    Surely you should get the baiscs right befor you earning any bragging rights. 

    Standard responses of 

    Bugs are issued a priority based on the severity of the issue, the number of affected networks, the complexity of the issue, engineering resources available and if there are any workarounds until there is a fix.

     just don't cut it when they stack up month afer month without a fix.

  • Ning 3.0 needs a Archive feature not so we can leave Ning, it's so we can trust Ning.

    • Hi there!

      I do not see Archiver feature in our plans for the nearest future, but thank you for your feedback! I am going to pass it to our Product management. 

      Best regards,

      The NING Team

  • Good job, very happy with the contiuous improvement and development !

  • I still can't upgrade my 6 years old Ning V2.0 to 3.0. What's the new roadmap for it?

    • Hi there!

      Unfortunately, we do not have a deadline for migration script so far. We are continuing to work on it until we are satisfied with the results, and once we are ready for mass migration we will make an announcement here on creators. 

      I have passed your request to our manager who handles migration waiting list, he will be able to provide you with more detailed info on the matter. 

      Best regards,

      The NING Team

    • NC for Hire


  • Great! I`ve recently begun working with monetization features, and I must sau it`s really not bad. Go ahead, guys, well done. 

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