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Monetization - it’s official now!

Today is an important day for all NING - the beta phase of our monetization feature has finished and it goes live! We are thankful to everyone, who has tried the feature, tested it and told us about everything that was good and that was not. Thanks to you we have improved monetization feature a lot and now are ready to present it to everyone.

From today any creator can start using the feature, by clicking on the Monetization icon (after Content Management) in the Setting of the network (upper left corner).

By the way, if you have not heard about it - here you can read everything

So, let’s start monetizing networks!

If you have already used the feature - tell us what you think about it.

If you have questions - ask us!

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  • Needs to be an option of a monthly flat rate fee. Ning 5% fee is too high as it dose not include the payment gateway fee. 

    • Hi there!

      Small insight for you, we are working on the loyalty program that would allow changing the fee for the separate network. As usual each loyal program has teh conditions under which it could be applied, basically, right now we are determining this conditions in order to offer win-win solution to network creators.

      Best regards,

      Ning team.

      • Sounds complicated.

        • Hi there!

          Maybe so. Let me provide you with the possible example, please keep in mind that it's not how it would be it's just the scenario provided for better understanding.

          Let's imagine you wish to have 2% fee instead of standard 5%, you are contacting us and telling us about this, our agent is checking the conditions to obtain such fee rate, and let's say according to them you have to process through Paid access $1000 a month (just an example of the price) or you have to be on Ultimate plan or both. If you agree to the conditions we are making the necessary changes and voila you have the 2% fee instead of the 5%.

          Hope this example has helped you to understand the idea better :-)

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

          • Great. 

    • Which is another 3% then a .30 cent surcharge then we have taxes to pay 

    • Agreed 

  • awesome... and thankyou. I think something new like this can spark new interest and unlock fresh creativity. 

  • I just have to earn my first donation to see it donebtonits completion!

  • just confirming that this is NING 3.0, thx.

This reply was deleted.

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