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  • I should add that we love the ability to add additiona forums to support conferences.
  • We had no problem migrating to Ning 3.0 and are happy about enhanceed features. We had total support from an assigned Ning advisor and it went smoothly.
  • Anastasia_Ning_Support, that was NOT my experience. My site was transferred, with the help of a Ning Support staffer. I tried it out along with my Admins for the 14 days, then we decided we were not interested in moving at that time because my Admins had issues with the learning curve. I told Ning that, then I let it go. Ning charged me for BOTH of those sites for MONTHS before I caught on and canceled the 3.0 site. I'm sure it was obvious no one was on the site and no one was working on it, but I was charged anyway and no one offered a refund. It was obvious I was upset about the charges, so before you tell people money won't be yanked out of their account, make sure that promise will be kept!
  • Same here. I've been on Ning since 2008 and losing all that information is frightening!
  • I have had my site since 2009. I understand your fears.
  • Just to say I have not tried the migration but I would say that Ning 3.0 is a superior platform than 2.0. I have had a 2.0 in the past ( it's all we had back then ) but moving to three was the better option when it came out, since then it has come on leaps and bounds. Don't get concerned with all the posts in the forum about adding this or that as 3.0 works straight out of the box and has a good desing studio to customise a them to your liking. The big advantage is it is mobile ready without having to use any other apps. The post you see on creators for adding custom items just goes to show how versatile Ning 3 is. The absolute biggest bonus though is the ability to be able to have multiple instances of items like forums, blogs, photos etc. So for instance if you decide you want 4 different forums with their own categories, you can ! In Ning 2 you could only have one instance of items. Groups are great too as these also can have the multiple instance s of item in them as well. The only thing that is lacking is the chat which is not as good as the 2.0 version but that is only a small thing considering what you get with Ning 3.0.
    It may take a little while to get used to 3.0 but it is worth it plus there are many of us on creators who are most willing to help out.

    Regards, Bizz :-)
  • NC for Hire
    I may be able to help you... ill send my contact info..
  • Hello Karen!

    I do not want to sound pushy, especially, as a company representative, my opinion is somewhat biased, but still, I would like to point out, that in my perspective, 3.0 platform is better and we tried to make the transition as smooth and easy as possible.
    Here are some main points:
    - Once you create the 3.0 website, you can request the start of migration. The transition itself is free of charge, but the pricing on 3.0 platform is different, so please keep it in mind.
    - Usually, the 14-day trial on 3.0 website is enough to finish the migration and set up the website, but if this time is not enough we will accommodate and extend the trial.
    - We will not start the billing on 3.0 without your approval. You will have time to check if all the content was transferred correctly and in full, and once you are satisfied with the result we will turn the billing on.
    - You will not lose your 2.0 website during the migration, so if you decide that 3.0 platform is not for you, it is possible to come back to the 2.0 website.
    - We have a 24/7 support team that will help you with 3.0 platform functionality in case you have any questions.

    So I am trying to say that if you would like to try the migration and willing to invest some time into it, it will not cost you extra. And you can always come back to your 2.0 website.
    But it would be great if someone who actually tried migrating shared their feedback, because, as I mentioned in the beginning, my opinion is a bit biased.

    Bets regards,
    The NING Team
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