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So I've been wrestling with ways to monetize my community for years, including most recently, turning on memberships for a community which is almost 20 years old.   So I decided to write a book that many of you may benefit from reading.

"Unlock Your Ning Community's Full Earning Potential!

12228017674?profile=RESIZE_400xAre you a Ning creator looking to turn your passion into profit? Over the past few years, I've been guiding numerous community developers just like you, helping them craft thriving communities with a strong membership focus on the Ning platform.

Now, I'm thrilled to share my expertise with you in this exclusive ebook. Inside, you'll find a comprehensive blueprint filled with invaluable insights, real-world examples, and proven strategies to monetize your Ning community through the power of Memberships.

Discover the Secrets of Success: 🚀 Learn from real-world examples and success stories 💡 Explore a treasure trove of considerations and best practices 💰 Unlock multiple revenue streams tailored to your community's unique strengths

Don't leave money on the table! Start generating income from your beloved community today. Download our ebook now and embark on a journey to transform your Ning community into a profitable venture!"

This version emphasizes the benefits of the ebook and urges Ning creators to take action and make their communities more profitable.

In this book we look into...

Ning Community Monetization Blueprint:  1 Introduction to Setting Up Membership Features 2 What are Membership Features? 4 Benefits of Membership Features on Communities 6 Creating Membership Levels 7 Go deeper 8 Example 8 Setting Pricing Options 8 Go deeper 9 Example 9 Configuring Access Permissions 10 Go deeper 10 Example 10 Designing Membership Tiers 11 Understanding the Importance of Membership Tiers 13 Creating Different Membership Tiers and Packages 15 Considering Benefits and Privileges for Each Tier 17 Pricing Considerations for Membership Tiers 18 Introduction to Managing Member Access 20 Understanding Member Access on Ning Community Pages 21 Granting Membership Privileges 23 Revoking Membership Privileges 24 Best Practices for Managing Member Access 25 Introduction to Promoting and Marketing Membership 27 Understanding Ning Community Pages 28 Utilizing Social Media for Membership Promotion 30 Implementing Email Marketing Campaigns 31 Tracking and Analyzing Membership Promotion Efforts 33


Pick up your copy here in PDF and epub format and send me your suggestions for a part 2!   I've made it dirt cheap for creators!   Contact me with any questions.


Coming Soon!  I am now writing a book about how to integrate AI and Chat GPT into your Ning Community!  If you purchase the book above, you get a discount on the AI book when it is released.

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