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October 6

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?


Traddie replied to Yana Ning Support's discussion CAPTCHA - NO BOTS AND SPAMMY CONTENT
As another example I added a few days ago and this afternoon I get another one of those spammers getting through. They are in my 'awaiting approval' list at the moment if you want to look. Does this mean that using domain blocking doe…"
Feb 23
Traddie replied to Yana Ning Support's discussion CAPTCHA - NO BOTS AND SPAMMY CONTENT
"Hi. I added the   address this morning, and this afternoon I still had a few get through that filter to register. I have had to turn on the 'approval' setting today due to the influx of spammers.
Can you explain how they still got throu…"
Feb 21
Traddie replied to Yana Ning Support's discussion CAPTCHA - NO BOTS AND SPAMMY CONTENT
"Hi Guys. Sorry to disappoint you but I have the CAPTCHA enabled and keep changing the quiz question and at certain times get hit with dozens of spammy join ups. Have a look at my network. "
Feb 20
Traddie replied to Bryce Rubio's discussion A Message from Our CEO
"Great news Ning and looking forward to 2017.
My site is dependent on private groups, so getting groups working well is important."
Jan 7
Traddie replied to The Ning Team's discussion Acquisition Update
"People need to be patient I think. A new owner is coming in and they will need to make their intentions clear, and hopefully they will set out a plan that will allow Ning to have a medium term life as a minimum.  That owner will need to make a commi…"
Sep 28, 2016
Traddie replied to The Ning Team's discussion Exciting News About Ning + Cyndx LLC
""But there are already questions about one of Mode's main assets: Ning, the social network founded by Andreessen, which Mode acquired for $150 million in 2011. A post on Ning's site last week said that Cyndx, a company led by Mode board member Jim M…"
Sep 23, 2016
Traddie replied to ⚡JFarrow⌁'s discussion Who Here Still Gives a S#it?
"Surely in a world that is so connected, there must be some ex ning/mode staff out there that have some insight into what is really happening and what the plans are. Do any of you well connected coders not know someone in the business, have friends t…"
Mar 5, 2016
Traddie replied to Jeff Gilder's discussion The Current State of Ning 3.0
"SP. When you see the potential of 3.0, especially with the ideas being worked on by John Bizley and others, would it not seem crazy not to develop it out and make it the best around, and charge a premium price for it. They are 50% of the way there a…"
Oct 19, 2015
Traddie replied to Crystal's discussion Welcome to Creators 3.0!
"Hi Ashley. I have one. Send me a friend request and we can talk. "
Aug 24, 2015
Traddie replied to J.Ayvar's discussion How to deal with scam users in comment box ?
"I used to have that problem. I then prepared 4 sign up question that are very specific to my site and use one at a time until I get hit, then change to the next question etc.
I sometimes go months now without a problem. A better solution maybe to ch…"
Jun 6, 2015
Traddie replied to ⚡JFarrow⌁'s discussion Terrific New Custom Search Engine Option: Swiftype
"Hi j. Where do you add the code on your 2 Site?, and where does it show up on your home page?"
May 13, 2015
Traddie replied to PeruCool's discussion Alternatives to Ning social network
Can you provide links to some sample communities built on your platform."
May 9, 2015
Traddie replied to SweetPotato's discussion - 3 years in the making
"Here is another article on Mode that I have just discovered. ( I posted this as a seperate discussion but it does not seem to be showing up ) Perhaps someone better informed that I could intrepret if it offers any insight into Ning 3.0
May 5, 2015
Traddie replied to SweetPotato's discussion - 3 years in the making
"Strumelia.  There needs to be a more balanced view of what is going on here. There are positives. I'm on 2.0. It works. It's seldom down. They answer my tickets. Yes 3.0 is slow. Their design teams have been diverted onto the Mode project. In doing…"
May 1, 2015
Traddie replied to Luke Jones's discussion I put this css code I wrote in my design studio and its mucked my site up :/
"Have you noticed that there is a load of "Nike" spam postings in your discussion forum Luke."
Apr 23, 2015
Traddie replied to Traddie's discussion How do you increase the width of an image beyond 750 on a page
"Thanks SP. That sorted it. "
Apr 2, 2015

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