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Why should I migrate?


NING 3.0 boasts a plethora of advantages and quality improvements over the previous version of the platform. These include:


  1. Advanced customization
  • You will have more themes and more tools to customize the design of your network. 
  • A newly integrated Landing Page Builder will help you design a professional landing page that could serve as a homepage for your network.


  1. Better control over your website and content
  • Customize the structure of any page and add the desired features in a couple of clicks.
  • Create multiple instances of each feature (blogs, forums, videos, etc.).
  • Allow or disallow network members to use specific features based on their member category.
  • Get more flexibility when structuring your network and make it easier for your members to find and access the content they need.


  1. Flexible privacy control

Decide who can contribute content to your network and use its specific feature instances.


  1. Mobile responsiveness by default

Since most traffic comes from mobile devices nowadays, your website needs to adjust to different screen sizes. Also, mobile responsiveness is one of the major SEO factors that influence your network rankings on search engines.


  1. SEO features

Due to frequent changes in SEO regulations, NING 2.0 was lacking SEO functionality for a long time. Meanwhile, NING 3.0 offers SEO tools to help you improve the online visibility of your network.


  1. Advanced eCommerce

With NING 3.0, you can monetize content, accept donations, or set up multi-level membership scenarios in which different member categories have different access rights for adding/viewing content.


  1. Advanced API

The next-gen API provides users with more flexibility in terms of advanced customization and scalability.


  1. Polls

Launching polls and surveys allow you to get feedback from your members on different topics.


  1. Greater development potential

Newer versions of the product will be compatible with NING 3.0 networks only, offering even broader possibilities for customization and scalability. 


  1. Regular updates

While the development of NING 2.0 has been stopped, NING 3.0 gets constant improvements and updates.


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  • Does Ning 3 have photos and videos for members to share and rate?
    • But from what I understand it does not have an ALBUM feature... only individual pics. Is this still true?
      • Hello Jeff!

        There is a Category feature on 3.0, you can use it to sort all types of content on your site: photos, blogs, videos, etc.
        Here is how it looks like -

        Bets regards,
        The NING Team
        Monosnap provides secure content management and scalable solutions for your business.
    • yes
  • My site has a bit over 32,000 members. I don't want to close the site, but might have to if prices rise or forced to move to a new version. The reality is that I lose money on the site each year but enjoy the hobby. I would hate to close it down.

    Ning, please consider the strategy of reasonable prices and more users rather than continue to raise prices and lose customers.
    • 32000 member You can asked for $1 in donation and keep it running.
      • Unfortunately, I am not sure that anyone would pay $1. Even though I pay several hundred dollars for the Ning service each year, I would have to pay even more to have availability to the function of making my site subscription based. It would be nice if Ning would include that in the cost of the service which would allow network administrators to try and earn money to at least cover the expense of the network. For my network, I am not looking to make a profit, but I would like to at least cover the cost that I have to pay to Ning.
        • It’s actually free on 3.0 they just take a fee 3% on each transaction
          • If I am understanding the pricing properly, if I move from Ning 2.0 to Ning 3.0 it will "double" my cost. I can't afford to go from $50 a month to $100. a month. Also, to be honest I don't want to start charging existing members since I have been offering them the service for free. I would be find charging only "new" members, but not sure if the system allows for keeping existing members free and having the rest on a subscription plan. Anyway, I don't want to double my cost without know that I could recover any of that money. Not sure that Ning added enough new features to warrant twice as much cost.
            • DO you have google ads that can earn you a few hundred bucks a month.
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