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Hi Ning Creators,


Let me first introduce myself. I'm Christina from Ning's Marketing Team. A reporter at California Watch ( is putting together a report on the use of Ning / social media in classrooms.  If you are a K-12 teacher in California using Ning to facilitate classroom teaching and interested in jumping on the phone for 15 to 30 minutes to share your insights, please let me know! 




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  • Thanks, everyone for your suggestions and help about this topic! I will close this discussion out now. 

  • Hi Christina,

    My name is Mario Williams and I'm using Ning to create a social network for Romanies (Gypsies).

    I'll spare you the history lesson but fact is more than 90% of Romanies/Gypsies never make it to high school due to forces unique to our culture. We preserve our heritage by keeping ourselves separate.

    As a result we are uneducated as a group. My dream is to find a way to work with either state or national government in the US to start a K-12 program with a tailored curriculum suited for our youth. This would bypass our cultural barriers because we could educate out youth without assimilating them into the sex, drugs and rock and roll that we equate with public schools.

    My intent is to use the RomaniGlas.ning social network as the platform for this.

    Is there anyone you could put me in contact with who could further this discussion?

    Any help would be greatly apreciated!


  • Hi Christina,

    I am using the Ning with many K - Post Secondary Educators for professional development in my region.  I am the Director of the RIMS California Arts Project at CSU San Bernardino, a regional professional development site of The California Arts Project.  If you are interested in our use I would be happy to talk with you.

  • Hello Christina,  on of my Networks is a Student and Training Delivery Staff Support Network for our Vocational Adult Education program for the Diploma in Training Systems in Australia.  If the use of NING in adult education is of any interest to you, you can Skype with my friendly staff and they will be delighted to talk to you.

    If it helps NING evolve and deliver improved features for our students we are happy to help you.  :-)


    Alexander Wilon JP PhD

  • Christina,

    I run a number of sites, including several I shaped for teachers at my school, La Jolla Country Day School in California. I'd be glad to talk about how we are doing this and the great reaction teachers and parents have had to it. We are about to launch grade-specific ning sites to help Middle School teachers to coordinate and keep track of homework loads for their students.


    Chris Lavin, and


    • Thanks so much, Gina. Will be in touch soon.


      • I run a ning site for university students and graduates learning English and preparing for the IELTS exam. We're not based in California. We are in China. Would your reporter be interested in us?

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