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Introducing Paid Access

One of the most frequently requested features is the ability to charge your communities for site membership and access to premium groups. Many of you told us your passionate members are looking for more exclusivity – they seek deeper content and private interactions within your community. Today, we are happy to announce that we’ve heard your requests. Paid Access is here!

In a matter of clicks, you can transform your community into a social business. Our latest feature simplifies the massive infrastructure and implementation burden typically associated with running a subscription business into one simple, flexible and easy-to-use product. Because Paid Access is a fully-integrated payment system, you can create a seamless charging experience and collect payments in real-time.

You have complete control over how and where you use Paid Access; the power to customize how your members will get charged is in your hands. There are a variety of ways to set up Paid Access. Use it for any combination of the following:

  • Paid Membership: Collect membership fees from your community.
  • Paid Groups: Create spaces for members to network, collaborate and access special content.  
  • Paid Content: Provide a destination “Page” for members to access premium content such as reports, tutorials, embedded webinars, videos and more.
  • Donations: Ask for member donations to keep your community going or to benefit your (or any) cause.

With Paid Access, you can easily run VIP fan clubs, publish exclusive reports, create classrooms or professional networking groups, organize special web chats and more. There are many ways to take advantage of this powerful feature, and we look forward to seeing how you will use it! 

Sneak Peek: See Paid Access in Action

Let’s use a group for this preview. In this example I’ll be setting up Paid Access on a group that I’ll call the “Direct Marketing Group” on a site named “AAF – Silicon Valley.”

I want to point out a specific feature in this example, and that’s the ability to charge a fixed price or ask for a donation on this paywall (a paywall is an area that requires payment to access such as a Group, Page or Site membership).

Setting a Fixed Price: The first screen I encounter when I set up any paywall is the Membership Length and Cost screen. Once there, I get two options: to set a fixed price for the group or ask for a donation. Here is what the fixed price screen looks like:

When setting a fixed price, I can choose more than one rate plan in case I want to offer an incentive to sign up for longer terms by discounting the price (an industry standard).

And here is what this page looks like when I want to ask my members for a donation to join this group:

Note the options to set a suggested price, as well as establishing a minimum and maximum amount to show my members (the entire list may be a bit overwhelming).

Here’s what my members will see if I charged a fixed-price for this group.And here is what they would see if I asked for a donation:

Notice how I set the suggested amount to $79.95, and the minimum and maximum values at $0 and $99.95 respectively. I suppose it would be wise of me to point out that there is the potential to charge $0. This means donation is optional, and that anyone can join without paying. We think this will be a valuable feature for many, but again, the option is yours, and by simply setting the minimum to a higher value, payment will be required.

Thanks for following along! I hope this post has sparked your creative juices and piqued your excitement. Now it’s time for the details…

How much does Paid Access cost?

Paid Access is our first add-on feature, giving customers on any Ning plan (Mini, Plus or Pro) the option to activate it for $19.95 per month. We are leveraging PayPal to process payments, so PayPal’s standard 2.9% + $0.3 service fee per transaction will also apply. These fees are all-inclusive, as we will be paying the PayPal service fee on your behalf (note: pricing for non-US customers differ slightly).

When can I start using Paid Access?

Starting on June 30, we will be rolling out Paid Access to a limited number of folks to gather feedback before making it available to all Creators in mid July. Sign up now if you want to be among the first to use this powerful feature. The first 20 Creators selected will get Paid Access free for their first month, as well as dedicated support from the Ning Team to get up and running.

Interested in learning more about Paid Access? Check out our FAQ page.



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  • Just want everyone who has been participating in this discussion to know that the full roll-out of the optional Paid Access add-on is now complete. Everyone should now see that option on your Dashboard. 
    This discussion here has gotten pretty long, so I may close this one out and focus on the newest one located here.  

  • How will we know when it is ready to be activated on our networks?

    • You will see a "New" icon next to a Paid Access link under 'Settings' on your dashboard.

      • Thanks Dan.

  • ive purchased this yesterday and published it... but im not seeing any changes at all.. so ill be charged????? can someone help me on this?!?!!!?!! this is getting frustrated

    • Hey, Rodelio. You can check by trying to sign up as a new member (you may have already done that). If you're not seeing it, would you be able to shoot us a ticket from your Support link? If you've already done that, can you share your ticket number with me? We can check it out. 

      • can you look into this network,

        • any update or feedback for this? 

          • Rodelio. You have member moderation turned on. One thing you need to know if you are going to continue to use member moderation, paywalls are only visible after the member has completed moderation. You can turn off member moderation if you want a paywall to be immediately visible.


          • We're checking it out. Hope to get back to you soon. 

This reply was deleted.

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