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Last week, we introduced the spam folder for Ning 3.0 networks. We're now pleased to announce we've deployed this feature to the Ning 2.0 networks as well!

You'll find the Spam Folder in the Content section of your My Network Dashboard. Currently, this feature targets forum posts added to Ning 2.0 networks. We'll be adding content posted to other Ning 2.0 features in the coming weeks.

The Ning 2.0 spam folder is essentially the same as the Ning 3.0 spam folder. It checks content that members make and tests them against what our classifier considers spam; if it's flagged as spam, the person adding the content sees a message letting them know that their content will need to be reviewed by an administrator. Learn more about moderating spam in your spam folder in the Help Center.

Like the Ning 3.0 spam folder, content that gets added by Network Creators and administrators will be exempt from this folder, so make sure you're choosing your administrators carefully and wisely.

Administrators can remove content from the spam folder to publish any content classified as spam.

Spam removal

Content left in the spam folder for longer than 14 days will be automatically and permanently deleted from your network, which helps reduce the storage your content consumes, and makes it easier for you to manage the spam folder when new spam is posted.

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  • Is there any ability to influence the spam classifier?  ie what Ning interprets as spam.

    • Hey tfarren,

      Not at this time, but most of what we classify as spam is related to the pharma spam I posted in the original discussion. If you're seeing legitimate content flagged as spam, though, please let us know via a ticket.

      Thank you!

  • This spam folder is killing our site -we desperately need you to help us take that spam folder out 

    good disscution that are not spam at all,  are markt spam and find there way to the spam folder

    Our member's get t hurt by the fact that there disscutioin's are marked  spam and just stop writing and visiting our site

    That languish filter cosing us a lot of trouble 

    • Hi Shironala, 

      Sorry to hear that the Spam Folder is not working for you.  Have you submitted a ticket to us through your network's Support page?  Or could you provide us with a link to the discussion in question that you're seeing in your Spam Folder?  Doing either of these things will enable us to look into this further.

  • superb.....................!

  • epic spam folder failure

    i had spam

    they posted a comment on a post that showed they actualy  read the post but then included a link to officwe furniture site (human spam not bot)

    so i thought ah good time to test the spam folder and see if it was caught

    i look and theres 1 post caught by the spam folder

    and it was a post with juat a link

    but the link was to another discussion with the same topic...on my own site!

    why are internal links flagged as spam?

    • Hey SE,

      Could you link me to that post if it's still on your network?

      Right now, the spam folder on 2.0 networks only looks at new Forum posts, not other types of content like the 3.0 spam folder does. We'll be adding in this functionality down the road.

      • it was on 2.0

        the 1 it missed was deleted when i suspended for spam

        the 1 it flagged  as spam that had an internal link is there ill look for it holdon

    • oh and i get soooo lil spam a notification or email when theres spam in the folder will help alot otherwise i doubt id check the spam folder more then 2-4 times a year

      • damn see it must have been in the spam folder a week now cause  after aproving it i cant find it anywhere

        but the actual spam said something like this:

        they look good they dont look ugly at all keep doing what your doing

        (link here to a office furniture store)

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