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UPDATE 2/21/2014

Last week, I mentioned that we would very soon be opening the floodgates to everyone in the Sandbox group. I just wanted to keep folks in the loop. The improvements our migration team needs to make, in order to help our servers support the extra load, are still in progress. The work is fairly involved, so thanks for bearing with us as we get this piece of the puzzle firmly in place.

We're hoping to resume migrations next week.

Since our last update on migration, we've been busy!  We can now copy over the following content and features from a Ning 2.0 Network to a Ning 3.0 Network:

- Members
- Blogs
- Forum
- Photos
- Comments and Likes
- Messages
- Pages (all pages that live at /page/page/list and those that have been added to the File Manager)
- Other content added to the File Manager [New!]
- Groups [New!]
- Activity Feed Settings [New!]
- Custom Code [New!]
- Network Settings (including network icon, description, keywords, language if supported, timezone, country, favicon and default member profile photo) [New!]

At the tail end of December 2013, we started migrating a few networks from the Sandbox group as beta migration testers.  These Network Creators helped bring to light bugs and improvements we needed to tackle.  We've been doing exactly that, and letting a few more networks through the door, little by little.

Our migration team has also given my teammates and I the tools to migrate networks for you, and we've all now been trained up on these tools.

I know bunches of you are excited.  So are we!  We're thisclose to opening the gates to everyone in the Sandbox group.  If you aren't in the Sandbox group, hang tight just a bit longer, as our team is on the small side, so we can only do so much at one time.  

Videos? Events? Moderator Roles? Other?

For those of you wanting features either not listed above or available on Ning 3.0 Networks yet, you'll probably still want to just keep track of our updates for now, and hold off on migrating your network until we're in Phase Two or Phase Three of the migration process.

Those of you with lots of custom moderators may want to take into consideration that moderator roles don't exist yet in Ning 3.0 before reaching out to us to migrate your network.  That said, moderator roles have been placed on the Product Roadmap.

Size Matters

For those of you with larger networks, we're making headway!  One large network (35,000 members!) has been successfully migrated at this time. 

That shows that our tools are strong enough to handle the weight, which is awesome, but there are still more improvements in the works to increase the speed at which we can migrate a large network.  Our engineers are also making some necessary back-end adjustments right now, in order to support the increased amount of content that our servers will be carrying, once we begin migrating everyone in the Sandbox group.

Stay tuned for our update next week!

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  • please migate my site to

    • i am 90% sure they cannot migrate subdomains yet   youd have to keep the  ning subdomain its on and  redirect the domain to it ..if you used a mapped domain if you dont use a mapped domain you will have to wait for stage 2 or 3 migration when they can migrate to a diferent ning subdomain

      • Hey SE, just want to jump in with a correction here. As part of the migration process, Network Creators will have the choice to keep their 2.0 subdomain or to change to their 3.0 subdomain. And, as always, they'll have the additional choice to domain map. 

        Honneur - migration requests will be opened up to existing members of The Sandbox Group first and there will be a form to fill out so that we can appropriately act on, track, and prioritize requests. 

        • ok let me clarify  here cause what i was told was if the  2.0 ning  domain was site1.ning and 3.0 site2.ning i didnt think  3,0 could migrate to site1.ning yet ? or was that  now worked in to the current migration system

          i really thought that wasn't coming till stage 2 or 3

          • Ahh, I see where that's coming from. That was the original plan, but we're actually able to let the NC choose now during the migration process. As we open up migration, we'll be revising some of the migration FAQs to update that info. Sorry for the confusion!

            • good to know  not that it matters 1 bit if u use a mapped domain the  ning address is hidden and wont make any diference

  • I understand that Notes will not be transported into the new system. This is understandable, since Pages have superior features.

    However, I have a lot of content that was produced using Notes. Is there any way to copy all notes in one action to a location outside the Ning 2.0 network, so that they can be used for future reference? Over time, I plan to copy and paste most Notes into Pages, updating the content as a I go.

    All suggestsions are welcome.

    Thanks, P.

    • Hi Peter, 

      Notes are actually included in migration now, and will appear as a Blog feature in the Ning 3.0 Network. Happy to be able to check that one off your list!

  • I would jump ship from 2.0 to 3.0 in a heart beat, but it doesn't have an important feature i need - Events!!! Please get this and i'll just my ning sites in a heart beat!

  • 3225427?profile=RESIZE_180x180

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