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New: Change group URLs

Two weeks ago, Network Creators and administrators gained the ability to choose the URL for dicussions, events, photos, videos and blog posts on their Ning Network. I'm happy to report that we've just launched the ability to change an existing group's URL as well. 

Previously, group creators could choose a URL when creating a group, but it was set in stone after that. Starting today, you will see a new field on the Edit Group page, where they can change the URL. All the content within the group such as discussions, photos, and pages will be automatically updated to reflect the change.

This is especially useful if a group already has a lot of content but has changed names, and you want to update the group URL as well. We could change the URL from to — and any content within the group would reflect the change. For example, would become

This feature will be available to all members who currently have permission to edit the group. Specifically, Network Creators, admins, group moderators, group creators and group admins. Just be careful changing the group URL, as any outside links to the old URL will no longer work correctly. Changes are easily reversible by changing the URL back, though.

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  • Ok Ning, there is yet another discussion about the need to change the 'Group Creator' to 'Group Host' titled 'NOT BEING A MEMBER OF MY GROUP' 

    Are you getting the message yet Ning?!?! 

    • Agreed. These groups now have value and persistence far beyond the individuals who created them. At least the ability to hide group creator's name and face.

      • I so agree!! The ability to hide said creator would be brilliant. Yes, I created the network where I'm a member but only because we were in a hurry to find a new place before MSN shut shop - all admin were sent off in a dozen directions to find the right fit and NING met most of our requirements (- the ability to select/select all and hit delete when removing photo's/images is the other one thing we would absolutely love to have). 

        Ok, whinge fest over :D  :D 

  • Ok, I admit I am now getting very frustrated that I am being ignored! Yet again no upgrades for the groups on the product road map and still no response here. Just how many discussions need to be started about this, and just how many replies do Ning need before we get an answer and the issues addressed?!?!?! The priority issue being to change the 'Group Creator' to 'Group Host' or 'Hosted By', and the ability to change the person's picture associated with the group and remove/add admin capabilities of said 'Group Host' as and when required.

    The issues with the groups need to be addressed AS A PRIORITY!! How about you actually reply to me?!?! (jumps up and down, waving arms around, sending out smoke signals to Ning personnel) 

  • Diane, Lynn and Les all asked back in July 2011 when we will be able to change the name and photo of the 'group creator' so that when someone else takes over running the group (for whatever reason) we will be able to change the 'group creator' to remove the person who is no-longer running the group. No-one from Ning has ever responded to this.

    We have had numerous discussions, all asking to change the wording from 'Group Creator' to 'Group Manager' or 'Group Host' or 'Hosted By' and the ability to promote members to that position, so that the person who started the group is not permanently linked to the group with their photo and name appearing at the top of the group and we can also remove their admin abilities within the group as well. 

    For anyone who is interested, here are links to *some* of the discussions that people have posted about this. Please Ning look at just how many people agree that this is something we *need*

    'We Need The Ability To Change The Creator Of A Group':

    'Idea? Question Again': 

    'Group Creator Dead Horse': 

    Ning, please respond to us and let us know when you are going to do as you have repeatedly been asked to and give us this change that we all *want and need*. Please put this on the roadmap asap!!

    Thank you in anticipation of a reply,


    • What? This isn't even on the roadmap???? That is unbelievable. Such a simple basic social network functionality!!!!!! 

      • Exactly my thoughts too Rev.!

        Evan, any chance you can respond to this? It would be great to know that someone from Ning is actually listening to us and taking this on board now. So many NC's and Admin's have been asking for this - because we *need it* - and Ning have not responded. It really is time Ning addressed this issue!

        Many thanks, 


  • Cool feature! Thanks!

  • Is there any way to change the main group URL.... say from to (since thats what I call them).

  • Very Cool!

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