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As always, you can find the most recent updates in the Announcements from Ning Category, but here's a roundup of some of the recent releases, an insight into some of the backend work, and a hint at what's to come. You can also catch up on the previous progress update here.

Ning 3.0 Updates

Since mid-February, the Engineering team has been pumping out updates:

Much-requested RSS Modules are now available so you can bring in external (or internal) content like news listings, blogs, etc, to any page.

One of the biggest changes was the release of the Design Studio V2, with new themes, new functionality, and finer controls. More recently, the Design Studio has seen some minor updates and bug fixes. We also rolled out Profile Page Layouts and Tab Containers that allow you to layer multiple features in one tabbed area and have more control over the appearance of Profile Pages.

Two things that will save a little bit of time for NCs are the ability to Order Categories and Make Them Mandatory as well as easy Welcome Message Editing.


At the time of the last update, we were still in beta with migration tools. A lot has happened in the last six weeks and after we opened up migration requests to Sandbox Group Members, we were able to open it to the general public as the official start of Phase One. We're also working on new Help Center Articles to help guide NCs through the migration process, including What to expect when you're migrating, Setting up your Ning 3.0 Network Post-Migration, and a quick reference list of Ning 2.0 equivalents in Ning 3.0. All our advocates have been on deck, migrating networks and working closely with the engineering team to perform content checks and make sure everything looks good. I've even grabbed some migration tickets and performed a few myself to make sure I know the process inside and out.

Our Migration Guides have received more than 120 migration requests. Thanks to input from Network Creators and investigation by our Support & Advocacy Migration Guides, our engineering team has identified and resolved almost 100 bugs or improvements related to migration and are continually tweaking the process to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

We've been seeing some great transitions so far and are in the process of compiling some of the stories to share with you.

What's Up Next? 

Following feedback related to the way migration handles large amounts of pages on a Ning 2.0 Network, we're developing a new feature called Articles that should solve some of the headaches surrounding this.

Activity feed updates, including the much requested "more" function are also in development at the moment and the team recently started work on forum-level email notifications which will allow members to opt into receiving even more updates from your network.

We're also finalizing the plan for migrating Creators to Ning 3.0 and are looking for some great Network Creator contributions for our relaunched NC Blogs feature. Look for more information and submission guidelines later this week.

Further Down The Road

There have been a couple of recent discussions around the topics of what features you and your members feel should take priority over others. While we've already been tracking a lot of this feedback, we'd love to be able to take some really specific, targeted information from the members of Creators back to higher management. We've created a quick survey requesting the two main features that you need in order to make Ning 3.0 work better for you and for your members. You can fill out the survey here. We'll be collecting responses for about a week and then compiling a report to help determine what features receive a bump in prioritization.

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  • Apart from Events, I would also like Desktop view back for mobile.

    • I can't change to desktop view on my mobile.
      • open your site in your desktop browser

        then  drag 11 edge  of the browsewer making it thinner and thinner

        the only thing u will see change is the menu then the colums drop  below eachother

        u cant change the view without widening the  browser

        in 2.0 the mobile and desktop are 2 comopletely diferent views moibile only  switched to desktop because mobiule lacks many ogf the pages and features the desktop vierw had

        on 3.0 its all 1 ..lacking noithing so theres noi reason..or way to switch toi desktop view because your on desktop view just  made to fit a mobilke

      • the only diference is desktop view has the diferent menu and the collums side  by side instead of stacked  wich would make it imposible to view correctly

        there is no dewsktop vs mobile view its all 1 view  just responsive so on thinner  displays the  collumbs rearange

        you cant change to a view that is the same view

    • what do u mean

      mobile and desktop view are the same

  • Events, events and events. That's what I need.

    • events and videos are what everyone needs

      i dont even understand the point of the  survey

      the fact is  onlyy events and videos  need the features added  so no data will be lost

      if u migrate before vids or evebts u lose all the vids and events from the past

      but if u migrate before chat  or search..or anythijg else..u lose nothing

      yes u wont have the features..but then you can always wait till the features are added

      but u lose nothing

      events and videos are holding every network hostage as almost all use these features and cant afford to lose the data

      i think if they would have thought this through the vids and events woulkd have come before the new themes ds update , email notifications, everything except possibly messaginjg and comment walls (and groups0

      all the feetures that need to be in place for data to migrate into

      everythijg else could come later

      • As per Crystal each one of us has our own important feature that runs our communities all different and none above the other. Events and Vids at least for my genre are not first, as it is without email notifications then no one would know that an event is even there or a Vid posted. I think WE think our communities are where people come to daily or even weekly just on their own but the reality is different which is okay with me. 
        For myself I am going to wait it out till ALL features are present because all are important to our communities one way or another:


        • well the point is that u cannot migr=ate untill the vids and events are added or u lose yearse worth of vids and evenbts and getr thousands of broken links

          yes the emails aree importasnt

          but only after u migraste

          only after there are vids and events to notify about

          • also true. 

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