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Now live: View counts on blogs and discussions

Starting today, you and your members will have a new way to judge the popularity of discussion or blog posts. Just as photos and videos display the all-time number of views, so will discussions and blog posts.

This should provide a great new way to inspire members to post, by showing them how much readership they can attain. And as a Network Creator, you can better gauge which discussions or blog posts are most popular, instead of solely relying on reactions to them.

We've only been collecting data on the views for a week, so unless the blog post or discussion is very new, it's likely it won't reflect all of the historical views the post has received. However, it will be accurate from here forward.

Not excited about showing off the number of views? There isn't a switch to turn this off, but it's easy for Ning Plus and Ning Pro customers to hide all view counts. Just add this single line of CSS:

.view-count-container {display:none;}

Additionally, for the design-minded, the word "Views" and the actual number each have unique CSS classes, allowing you to spice them up with CSS changes if you wish.

Let us know what you think below!

Note: A few networks don't have this feature just yet, due to some database upgrades. All networks should get view counts by the end of the week of August 15.

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  • Great!!!

    Thanks very so much!

  • You are so sweet to show me this. Of course, I'm sure I knew it was there, but just forgot! Plus, the date of publication is always at the top. Thanks, again.

  • Any CSS trick to add this to /pages? Thanks!

    • Hey Curtis,

      You can use CSS to hide things or change the look of things, but you can't make things appear that aren't there, sadly :\

      Ning Product Manager

  • I really wish you guys would update the music system to function in a similar manner. Please add a chart system for music and a way to share the songs on facebook and twitter. 

    Great job!!  

  • Sounds good. Many members think no one views their blogs, because people don't comment. However, many people simply read them without leaving a trail. I can't understand why more people don't click the "LIKE" buttons? 

  • Thanks, great work. :)

  • Hi Ning, this is another great development!! Thanks for everything you do!

    Quick question: will this also be developed for our own custom pages? They carry some of our best content and it'd be great if we can see how many visits there are!


    • Hey, Quan Yin. It's possible we may be able to add this to Pages. It's a great idea.

      • Thanks Eric! Glad I could help...

This reply was deleted.

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