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On Monday, April 29th at 10am PDT, Richard will be joining us to answer any questions you may have regarding optimizing the new member experience as described in his presentation below. Click here to register for this bonus session!

If you're like most community managers, you wait for visitors to stumble upon your community then throw the kitchen sink at them to keep them active. This approach seems like it might be helpful, but it can actually overwhelm newcomers and scare activity away. 

There are a few golden rules for converting newcomers into highly valued members of your community. In his upcoming webinar, Richard Millington will review key elements of the conversion process and provide you with tips to help optimize the new member experience and turning those would-be lurkers into active community members.

Monday, April 22nd at 10am PDT


In this session, you will learn:

  • Key elements of the conversion process
  • How to optimize a new member's journey from registration through the first major milestones
  • How to help members overcome their social fear of participation
  • How to combine social and technological processes to boost conversion rates
  • How to measure progress and identify limiting factors
  • Much more!


Richard Millington is a community management consultant, expert, and author of the new book Buzzing Communities. His straightforward, results-oriented style is admired by many in the field. We've enlisted Richard to share community management best practices to help Ning Creators (and anyone else) refine their approach and cultivate thriving communities. Richard's next free talk is Monday, April 22nd at 10am PDT. We hope you'll join us!

If you can't make it, follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #NingTalk. As always, a recording of the presentation will be available on the Ning Community Management Talks channel.


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  • Buenas tardes

    Quiero sugerir la publicación con subtítulos de este tipo de video, de manera que también pueda ser aprovechado por la comunidad hispanoparlante.

    Muchas gracias.

  • Ning 3.0 can have a negative effect on converting new comers to active members. If a module (e.g. forum) is set to members only on Ning 3.0 it is completely invisible to people not signed in (far enough) but also this includes not been visible in the activity feed (not so good).

    For example if a Ning 3.0 has a very active private forum none of this is visible to potential sign ups. Ning 2.0 does display this, at least in the activity feed, and then prompts the visitor to join if they want to proceed further.

    Is Ning 3.0 going to be updated to enable members only content to be listed in the activity feed as it current is in Ning 2.0? I think it would enhance conversions to sign ups

    • Hi Melon, Ning 3.0 will be updated to include filtered activity feeds. This release will follow some of the other features mentioned in our Product Roadmap. It will certainly be interesting to study how much of an effect this has on engagement.

  • The first question that comes to mind, Allison is whether Ning has developed the analytics capabilities to allow network creators/admins to do everything Millington asks.  Otherwise it's a case of telling us to look in the corner of a round room. 

    If so, perhaps a Help Section, class, video, or other means will help us use the proper analytic tools.


    • Hey Joe, I used a combination of Google Analytics and member data to make all the measurements Richard mentions in this webinar. When it comes to traffic data, Google Analytics is the tops. Ning will be fleshing out its own analytics dashboard after the team completes what's already mapped out on the Product Roadmap.

      We will also continue to offer webinars, blogs, videos and Q&As to help you make the most of the platform. A step-by-step guide to tracking the newcomer journey would be an awesome accompaniment to this presentation. I'll add it to our schedule. :)

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    • caro, I'm not quite sure what ads you're talking about. If you are noticing unexpected ads pop-up on your site they could be related to a browser extension or plug-in. Feel free to submit a ticket. Thanks!

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  • A recording of the webinar is now available! Watch above, or check it out on the blog.

    Richard will be following-up with a live Q&A on the subject. Join us Monday, April 29th at 10am PDT to review the new member intervention techniques described in the webinar How to Convert Newcomers into Active Community Members. Click here to register for this bonus session.

  • Great to hear about this.  I probably won't be able make the actual webinar so I am looking forward to the hearing the recording.

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