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Upgrading to Ning 3.0 Status

A quick update on Upgrading to Ning 3.0. The Ning Engineering Team has been hard at work for over 6 months building the upgrade process. They recently succeeded in upgrading small Ning 2.0 test networks. Now they are working to make the upgrade process more efficient and faster so you can upgrade larger networks. I know a number of you are eager to upgrade and start enjoying the flexibility of Ning 3.0. I apologize for the delay and will keep you posted on progress.

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  • One and a half years now since Ning 3.0 was rolled out.  what the heck....???

  • When will a chat room be introduced?



  • can't seem to find out how to upgrade my existing network to the 3.0...where can I find the instructions/links to do it?

  • Can I please also be included in Phase One of the upgrade?

    I love Ning 3.0 so much it's making me sad to still have to log into my 2.0 everyday.


  • Thanks John. Question: What do you and Ning consider a small, medium or large network in terms of members? Or do you define size based on some other metric? For example, my network has 5,500 members. Where would that fall on the small to large scale?

  • Hi John, sorry to ask something rather untopical. But it might be VERY important for others who want to migrate A BIG network (with more then 8500 members) to Ning 3.0

    Question. How can I easily find dormant members and remove them?

    Parameters would be

    a) No action in the last x months
    b) no friends
    c) no comments

    The reason for that? I don't want to pay a higher price for dormant members just because my network is over the threshold. Also - a leaner community with really active members would be better anyway.

    Maybe there is a tool planned. I very much hope so.

    Thanks for responding to my off-topic question.


    • Fom, I'm sure someone from Ning will give you specific details, but I'll mention that Ning has told us a couple times that there will be a filter in the Migration Tools that allows us to leave behind members that have been inactive for various lengths of time of our own choosing- 6 months, a year, 2 years, etc.   Not sure about the filters you mention for friends or comments, but we will have the time inactivity filter, which is probably the most important one.   I know of at least 1000 members in my 4500 member network that I will be happy to 'unload' myself that have not signed in for over 2 years. Who needs members who are actually long gone anyway?  :)

      It's a good opportunity to lose some dead wood...especially since once we migrate, member numbers will be largely what determines our monthly charges in 3.0, as opposed to how things were in 2.0 where we could choose ourselves which price range level we wanted, based on the features we wanted.

      • Good news. Thanks.
  • Hi John, 

    We are a small community using Portuguese (from Portugal, or Standard Portuguese). We are targeting African countries as well, that DON'T use Brazilian Portuguese. The total number of Portuguese speaker countries in the world rounds 244.000.000 people (Angola, Mozambique, St Tome and Prince Islands, Cape Verde Islands, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Portugal and finally Brazil)

    NING 3.0 is a preoccupation for us. We are concerned as a health community that you have not (still) created a correspondence in Portuguese. Will it be later be available?  (given you answer about time, or if not, can we still maintain 2.0 platform)

    Thank you.



    • Hey Luís!

      Yep, this will be an option once we release the Language Editor for Ning 3.0—we're working on that now! Ning 3.0 currently supports Portuguese (from Brazil).

      Keep in mind that we've only supported Brazilian Portuguese in the past, so you'd need to customize the translation or create a new translation for Portuguese from Portugal.

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