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 If you already run your own website or blog, you surely know how much time and effort it takes to create unique and helpful content which is regularly delivered to your readers absolutely free of charge. But at some point, you realize that your efforts worth a bit more than just a gratitude from your followers. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Why not ask for a modest donation for your trouble?

Remember, there’s a clear line between begging for alms and asking for a donation. The latter is something you clearly earned and can freely claim. And what if your readers would love to reward you for your toil but simply don’t have any means to do so?

If your web community is built on Ning’s platform, there’s nothing to worry about. With Ning, you can easily set up the ‘Donate’ button, sit back, and wait.

Another option is to sell your content which is otherwise hidden form the public. It doesn’t mean, however, that you have to charge money for all of your content. You can come up with something exclusive - something your followers would like to invest into in order to get access to unique premium content which could turn out useful their personal endeavors.

Knowledge is money and Ning is ready to back this up with its new Paid Access feature which allows you to limit the access to your network with login and password and even create paid memberships. The bottom line, however, is that collecting donations is not the most lucrative way of monetization because it relies solely on your readers’ generosity. In this sense, offering premium content is much more productive, although it takes more effort to create.

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