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Content marketing is a trend that will certainly be here to stay. We have many articles about cool topics and more words that can encourage, empower and engage you to go forward. How to make content attractive to your followers? How to write better? Here, you can find useful tips, life hacks, and recommendations - everything altogether! Examine the list and decide which of these points suit best for your online content. Start now!

Stay focused. In our world of social media, always remember what people want from any online source: they want information. So don’t be copious and forget about long prologues.

Express your thoughts in a short and clear manner. Be consistent and write relevant content. Don't publish an article about cats on a website about gadgets.

Travel more. Broaden your mind and your limits. Explore foreign experience and write about it.

Write an article and leave it aside for a couple of days. After that, read it again and correct mistakes.

Minimize a barrier to entry. Help you readers dive into your content with no efforts. Avoid, for example, large opening paragraphs - people can leave a page with your work before they get to the CORE text.

Upload images. Sad but true: the most efficient formula of successful content is more pictures and less text. It is proved that people percept visual materials more than ones that contain bare text.

Do some research. It makes your content richer and shows that your facts are reliable when you include high-quality sources in your article.

Pretend that your readers know NOTHING about this topic. Use words that even non-native speaker can easily get it and help your readers understand everything you want to say.

Choose a topic that`s interesting for you. No fun for the writer - no fun for the reader.

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