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In plain terms, link building is a process of acquiring links leading from other websites to yours. The more web pages out there refer to your site, the better it is for your visibility and credibility on the internet. Here are some unwritten tools of efficient link building.

1. Ask for backlinks. It`s quite a good idea if you want to start! Ask people you know (relatives, colleagues) to mention your business on the Internet - this way you will be able to create a primary base of links.

2. Build new contacts. Start from forums, blogs, niche communities. If you`re brave enough, try to make ties with journalists - maybe, not from the biggest mass-media, but the resources that can enlarge your base of links for sure.

3. Launch your blog. Remember, a single article with a single link won`t help you. Write articles with necessary links on a regular basis.

4. Write good guest posts. Write content not only for your blog but also for other resources. Always choose resources which are really popular among your target visitors.

5. Read our new article! Here you will find the bunch of info about link building:

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