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Link building: some new words for beginners

Actual RageRank. Google`s value for your page. Anchor text. The text of link which is usually placed between two tags: <a> and </a>. All in all, it becomes a clickable text that leads to the link you want.

Backlink profile. Links from external web resources that leads to your website.

Conversion. A process when a user performs a certain action that is valuable to you as a creator of a website.

CTR. Click Through Rate - the number of times your listing is clicked upon (clicks) divided by the number of times it’s shown, calculated as a percentage.

Deep link ratio. Divide the number of links that go to your subpages into the number of links to your home page.

External links. Links that go from your site to someone else’s site.

Footer links. They usually appear on the top of the site, usually on every page. These were originally so abused that many SEOs now try to avoid them.

Guest posting. One of the methods of building links and creating new content. The whole idea is to ask external bloggers to raise awareness of your brand/business.

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